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CS-PAGING not implemented

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BSSGP PAGING CS is used to deliver a circuit-switched paging request to a MS while it is engaged in transferring GPRS data. The related paging request is not sent via Broadcast/PCH, but via PACCH to that MS.

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Related to OsmoPCU - Bug #2403: PS-PAGING and CS-PAGING not implemented on PTP-BVCIResolved07/29/2017


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Please note this is mostly relevant with other core networks than osmocom. In osmcoom, the MSC pages the BSC and the BSC pages the BTS, which then passes it to the PCU for transmission. This works.

However, when using a non-osmocom core with Gs interface between MSC and SGSN for paging coordination, the SGSN will likely send us CS-PAGING and we have to implement it in the PCU for interoperability.

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While developing some TTCN3 PCU tests (#3927) I also tried to understand better this scenario. Some references I could fine:
TS 23.060 sec 6.3.3 CS Paging (A/Gb mode)
TS 48-008 sec 3.1.10 Paging
TS 24.008 sec 4.7.9 Paging procedure
TS 44.018 sec paging
TS 48.018 sec 5.2.4, 7.1
PAGING-PS: TS 48.018 10.3.1
PAGING-CS: TS 48.018 10.3.2

Specially important are the last 2, where the SGSN->PCU PDUs requesting the paging are described.

As far as I understand, we already implement paging (not sure if correctly) in the SGSN: it uses libosmocore's bssgp_tx_paging().
In libosmocore, we also have a symbol which afaiu we should use in osmo-pcu and which I think is not yet use by anybody:

/* Parse a single GMM-PAGING.req to a given NSEI/NS-BVCI */
int bssgp_rx_paging(struct bssgp_paging_info *pinfo,
            struct msgb *msg)

It seems PS-PAGING is already supported by osmo-pcu, while CS-PAGING is not:

        gprs_bssgp_pcu_rx_paging_ps(msg, tp);
        LOGP(DBSSGP, LOGL_INFO, "Rx BSSGP BVCI=%d (SIGN) PDU type %s not implemented\n",
             bvci, bssgp_pdu_str(pdu_type));

If I understand correctly, what's missing here is to do something similar to what we do when PCU receives a struct gsm_pcu_if_pag_req with type PCU_IF_MSG_PAG_REQ on pcu_rx_pag_req() from BTS. That path is already covered by PCU_Tests_RAW.TC_paging_cs_from_bts, where a DL_PACKET_PAGING_REQUEST is sent over PACCH. The only difference in this scenario is that the PAGING_REQUEST must be retriggered on reception of the CS-PAGING message from SGSN in gprs_bssgp_pcu.cpp.

So mainly calling libosmocore's bssgp_rx_paging() and then calling similar to what pcu_rx_pag_req() does:

    return BTS::main_bts()->add_paging(pag_req->chan_needed,

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Done so far:
remote: Allow Gb PAGING-PS without P-TMSI
remote: Support Gb PAGING-CS

Can be tested with TTCN3 PCU test TC_paging_cs_from_sgsn.

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Testing is done here: pcu: Introduce tests for CS and PS paging from SGSN/Gb

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