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test setup for Linux kernel GTP-U tunneling module

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As there currently are several patch-sets under discussion (and more to come!), it is very important to establish a test suite to verify the correct operation of the Linux kernel GTP-U module in various possible configurations.

The test suite should make use of libgtpnl and its utilities.

Related issues

Related to OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) - Bug #3208: automatic test setup for OsmoGGSN with kernel-gtp-uResolvedosmith04/24/2018

Related to osmo-uecups - Feature #5012: use osmo-uecups from GGSN_Tests.ttcnNewpespin02/06/2021

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what I have in mind is basically something like:

live tests

  • set up one link with several tunnels
  • use sgsnemu or derived tool for other end of tunnel
  • exchange packets between sgsnemu and tunnel
  • maybe even some performance testing with varying packet sizes (what to use as peer?)
  • stress testing of adding/removing links and tunnels at high rate

PCAP replay/injection tests

  • use some pre-recorded GTP packets and check for decapsulation as expected
  • functional testing of some features, like
    • handling of invalid GTP packets
    • handling of unknown TEID
    • handling of fragmentation
    • handling of "reserved" bits in GTP header

the actual test code could be pat of the libgtpnl repository. We could start by manually executing it against proposed patches, and later maybe move towards a jenkins installation that tracks net-next and runs the tests once per day.

All of the above is just dreaming for now, I personally don't expect to have time soon to fix this. But it's still worth sharing thoughts and ideas.

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  • Related to Bug #3208: automatic test setup for OsmoGGSN with kernel-gtp-u added
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Note: this ticket predates our TTCN3 test suites.

The "live tests" described abvove should be possible to handle via
  • running existing GGSN_Tests.ttcn against osmo-ggsn with kernel GTP-U (implemented in #3208)
  • possibly by osmo-uecups enabled tests (see #5012)

The replay/injection tests are something that should be done in GGSN_Tests.ttcn, if it is not already implemented.

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i think the ttcn3 tests we have these days cover anything except performance testing.


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