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02:19 PM E1/T1 Adapter Bug #3251: osmo-e1-xcvr: R1 doesn't connect to GND?
i did some measurements and the pcbs seem to be buggy.
there are grounds missing inbetween multiple parts, but R1 no...


03:59 PM OsmoBSC Bug #3063: OsmoBSC + nanoBTS 165AU (DCS1800): smartphone Samsung 4mini 5 unable to register (it c...
i did a tcpdump with the said bts against my very old nitb and attached it here.


08:04 PM OsmoGSMTester Feature #3040: osmo-gsm-tester: Add support for ip.access nanoBTS
added the nanobts1800 to the setup with the same rf attenuation as on the rnd setup
connected the power via a contro...


07:26 PM OsmoGSMTester Feature #2616: Update Prod and RnD sysmobts setups to 201705-testing
same for the rnd system:
* removed
* flashed
* masked services
* fix ip config
* enable core dumps (on the pro...
07:06 PM OsmoGSMTester Feature #2616: Update Prod and RnD sysmobts setups to 201705-testing
i did the following on the production system:
* removed the 1002 from the production tester temporarily
* flashed i...


06:49 PM OsmoMSC Feature #2477: Automate execution and reporting of OsmoMSC interop tests with NG40 core simulator
i move the 2 machines over to the osmocom segment now. the new addresses are in the wiki dokumentation page.
they sh...


10:54 AM multi-voltage USB UART Bug #2395 (Resolved): RXD/TXD might be labelled wrongly?
this was indeed a documentation bug:
the schematic was correct, but the labels on the pinout graphic was swapped.


04:24 PM Servers Bug #2358 (Closed): jenkins errors when adding/configuring new nodes
when following the manual for osmo-gsm-tester ( to set ...


10:03 AM OsmoBTS Feature #1849: osmo-bts-trx integration to osmo-gsm-tester
i have added a hardware specific subpage under
09:59 AM OsmoTRX Wiki edit: OsmoTRX (#59)

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