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08:36 AM OsmocomBB Revision d504a6aa (osmocombb): host/trxcon/l1ctl.c: use primitive management API for RACH
Change-Id: I956ddfc4d1b47575715375c08f46c55953ec5fb6
08:36 AM OsmocomBB Revision ccb175b0 (osmocombb): host/trxcon/l1ctl.c: don't fill l1ctl_info_ul into a primitive
The UL frame header isn't used by lchan handlers.
Change-Id: Ia1c63b6f17c3802b29f54299da1151a39edf3a03
08:36 AM OsmocomBB Revision 5a9a92a9 (osmocombb): host/trxcon/l1ctl.c: share primitive management code
This change introduces shared primitive management functions,
exposed from the l1ctl_rx_data_req() implementation:


07:21 AM OsmocomBB Revision 90ebcd84 (osmocombb): host/trxcon/l1ctl.c: retune TRX only if current ARFCN differs
Change-Id: I797dc284bd92d07ad4859f851a44d048407db86d
07:21 AM OsmocomBB Revision 3a128e56 (osmocombb): host/trxcon/l1ctl.c: do nothing if CCCH mode matches
When the L1CTL_CCCH_MODE_REQ is received, we don't need to
reconfigure anything if the current mode matches requested...
07:21 AM OsmocomBB Revision 601ffed4 (osmocombb): host/trxcon/scheduler: send stored tx_power to transceiver
Previously a fixed fake value (10) was used.
Change-Id: I8ba70bbda6c8c9249f8eb4294aeb41ab8769a19a
07:21 AM OsmocomBB Revision 95fde54a (osmocombb): host/trxcon/l1ctl.c: fix wrong log level
Change-Id: I0ac65d94b0ae3dd370675318a26a65d11c49cbbe
07:21 AM OsmocomBB Revision dafa0c2f (osmocombb): host/trxcon: separate logging of L1 Control and L1 Data
L1 Data is quite verbose, while Control is typically limited.
And if you would need to debug some Control message han...


02:13 PM OsmocomBB Revision 2ae2660c (osmocombb): fake_trx: whitespace fix
Change-Id: Iad2be36777e4a2454e181c856c7902574a4ab20c


06:57 AM libosmocore Bug #2386: libosmocoding build failure on OBS
I think, there is one possible reason of this failure:
* Currently, the conv_acc_sse.c is being compiled with both...

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