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09:33 AM OsmocomBB Revision 60ff6144 (osmocombb): host/trxcon/scheduler: always print error messages
Some error messages previously had incorrect logging level 'debug'.
We aren't going to hide anything, right? Let's pr...
09:21 AM OsmocomBB Revision a9c2ef26 (osmocombb): host/trxcon/scheduler: inform L2&3 about decoding errors
Previously, we used to drop a frame if decoding wasn't successful.
This way, the higher layers didn't even know about...
08:45 AM OsmocomBB Revision 9b511668 (osmocombb): host/trxcon/scheduler: add initial TCH/F channel support
This change implements basic TCH/F lchan handlers for both data
reception and transmission. Only FACCH (signaling), F...
08:45 AM OsmocomBB Revision 0b5231bd (osmocombb): common/l1ctl.c move TCH bit-ordering to the firmware
Previously, TCH frames coming from L1 were reordered to the RTP
format. Moreover, the implementation had a few proble...
08:45 AM OsmocomBB Revision 21049e5f (osmocombb): host/trxcon/l1ctl.c: handle L1CTL_TRAFFIC_REQ
Change-Id: Ibdf2d4f6aa464250a4c6951af86c06eb3fd3b98b
08:45 AM OsmocomBB Revision d2c13e3d (osmocombb): host/trxcon/scheduler: use GSM_MACBLOCK_LEN definition
Change-Id: Ie3b27ecb62d6f0e84f2e3ec0c1558e32bb213d33
08:24 AM OsmocomBB Revision 3d872d0e (osmocombb): host/trxcon/scheduler: drop meaningless memset call
Change-Id: I18a938cef350632673cfc820beed5e42f40d89e7
08:24 AM OsmocomBB Revision ab566a7a (osmocombb): host/trxcon/scheduler: use new libosmocoding API for RACH
Since the 32e5641d, the gsm0503_rach_encode() is deprecated, and
the library provides new API with extended (11-bit) ...
08:24 AM OsmocomBB Revision 2937cb4c (osmocombb): host/trxcon/scheduler: clean up the trx_lchan_state
There were some BTS specific variables, which are meaningless.
This change cleans them up, and also groups some measu...


06:25 PM OsmocomBB Revision af217395 (osmocombb): fake_trx: don't sent clock indications until POWERON
Change-Id: I86ccc9d26fc54e6511f74f858afdaebb2b284c19

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