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06:13 PM libosmocore Bug #4700: 'socket' C test fails when there is no IPv6
> Aug 03 13:58
> The unit test should probably be disabled for systems without IPv6 support.
I kind of...


09:01 PM OsmoHLR Support #4698: osmo-mslookup-client cmdline tool in Distributed GSM / Multicast MS Lookup
> osmo-mslookup-client : missing command
Apparently, this binary is not present in your system.
Are you sure yo...
08:54 PM Cellular Modem Information Support #4699: Found document repository on mediatek basebands
This is a duplicate of #4525, that was opened ~3 months ago. You should have checked the existing tickets before maki...


09:19 PM libosmocore Feature #4585 (Resolved): ARM NEON optimizied TS 05.03 encoding/decoding
The patch has been merged today, and caused massive [master] build failures on rpi4-deb9build-ansible:...
04:44 PM OsmoBTS Revision dc232c13 (osmo-bts): pcu_sock: use LOGPTRX() in info_ind_fill_trx()
Change-Id: I91410b32199780e41e0111b480e7611cdae7e022
04:44 PM OsmoBTS Revision bebf4583 (osmo-bts): pcu_sock: separate trx / ts filling from pcu_tx_info_ind()
This would allow to avoid further nasting in 'for' loops.
Change-Id: Idb102c77751ccf77fd246f538e62fd7acf6ee88b
04:44 PM OsmoBTS Revision dcfec2d9 (osmo-bts): pcu_sock: warn about maximum transceiver number constraints
Change-Id: I600860b12758a73e1bba6d9d508cf67c3d88cf34
04:44 PM OsmoBTS Revision 2c331ee9 (osmo-bts): pcu_sock: use a 'switch' statement in ts_should_be_pdch()
Change-Id: I628c2c5198c52fb82309dfe4a31a59aeebc00f09
11:21 AM OsmoBTS Bug #4697 (New): osmo-bts-trx ramps down RF-locked transceivers [again]
When the BSC RF-locks a transceiver, osmo-bts-trx ramps its power down as expected. After that, on receipt of SIGINT ...
10:49 AM OsmoBTS Bug #4696 (New): osmo-bts-trx keeps sending dummy bursts after being RF-locked
I noticed that RF-locking does not make osmo-bts-trx stop sending bursts as expected. What I see on the spectrum appe...

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