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04:15 PM OsmoBTS Revision fb88a545 (osmo-bts): WIP: don't exit if active link towards BSC goes down
Change-Id: I1bb941b042cb0c668cee63544d5d173dc5510677
04:15 PM OsmoBTS Revision 2e59af4f (osmo-bts): nm_*fsm: Make sure adm state is LOCKED when entering state Disabled Offline
TS 12.21 Figure 2 states that Attribute Setting is done when in Disabled
Offline state, and unlocking must be done af...
04:15 PM OsmoBTS Revision ff1b0e4c (osmo-bts): Allow setting administrative state through oml_mo_state_chg()
This way it can be changed together with operative/availability state,
and changes announced to the BSC if present.
04:15 PM OsmoBTS Revision db4fbcf5 (osmo-bts): nm_*_fsm: Add missing item in event mask list for state ENABLED
Change-Id: Iebaa7dcfc01978cee2e4b08609503eb4e25598b7
04:15 PM OsmoBTS Revision 89fe1386 (osmo-bts): trx_provision_fsm: Add missing state transition OPEN_WAIT_POWEROFF_CNF => OPEN_POWEROFF
Change-Id: I361c1acddfe7ebffb44d886d0545240ef1bbd347
02:18 PM OsmoBTS Revision 4539907d (osmo-bts): abis.c: Loop over list of BSCs until connection succeeds
Do not exit if all BSCs in the list fail to connect, keep trying
forever. This commit still doesn't change the logic ...
02:18 PM OsmoBTS Revision 7fbc60cf (osmo-bts): abis.c: Fix mess with priv->bsc_oml_host
The pointer was used as "struct bsc_oml_host" sometimes, and other times
as "struct llist_head". It just worked becau...
02:17 PM OsmoBTS Revision 34e533df (osmo-bts): abis.c: Transition to CONNECTED state only when OML link is up
This clarifies the different states and transitions between them:
02:17 PM OsmoBTS Revision 3f51571a (osmo-bts): abis.c: Convert early return to assert()
This should simply not happen. If other event is received, something is
terribly wrong, so we should exit immediately...
02:17 PM OsmoBTS Revision daadbc33 (osmo-bts): abis.c: Rearrange code to follow logic state order
CONNECTING state comes first in logical order of states (as properly
seen in enum of states), however, the FSM struct...

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