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10:42 AM OsmoPCU Bug #4947 (New): osmo-pcu: Handling for Pkt Resource Req using Global TFI not implemented

Related function (pdch.cpp):...
10:31 AM libosmo-ranap Revision e6342e1c (osmo-iuh): tests/hnb-test: Disable building unsued code
Change-Id: I17f20cea8aa63ed79168653292b99c90b8c03caf
10:29 AM libosmo-ranap Revision 8653233b (osmo-iuh): tests/hnb-test: Initialize logging with existing struct log_info
Change-Id: Ic92e60dda41a9e4d139294b1e851fff5c4f26143
10:27 AM libosmo-ranap Revision 4c928485 (osmo-iuh): tests/hnb-test: Fix signedness of assigned pointer
Change-Id: I320ad86b83b0308b43489e8d95f63d6ed55821b5
10:26 AM libosmo-ranap Revision 84c3e864 (osmo-iuh): tests/hnb-test: Fix uninitialized use of rc variable
Change-Id: I168e4f7cd48cbaa387e6b05868107250795a0f0c
10:26 AM libosmo-ranap Revision 634fd81f (osmo-iuh): tests/hnb-test-ranap: Fix missing include for ranap_bcd_decode
Change-Id: If8b799777598377048512c338f6384560b445ba3
10:26 AM libosmo-ranap Revision 101fba21 (osmo-iuh): tests/hnb-test-ranap: Fix incorrect signedness in pointer
Change-Id: I04b1c0446124d66dae1e8fb99d9b82782d12bde7
10:26 AM libosmo-ranap Revision 96a94bc4 (osmo-iuh): tests/hnb-test: check return code of hnbap_encode_ueregisterrequesties
gcc warns about set but not used variable otherwise.
Change-Id: Ia49b7e88a66a4a744c2b14db6331cc0de431f60b
10:26 AM libosmo-ranap Revision b4ff1f42 (osmo-iuh): tests/hnb-test: Fix signedness of imsi_buf
Change-Id: I3b0a6218ac6242d03642972d5b244815ce9d97a0
10:24 AM libosmo-ranap Revision 89f4c805 (osmo-iuh): tests/hnb-test: Drop unused variables
Change-Id: I12870a1cf2462b7cc2868a54f58416e03a856084

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