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08:53 PM OsmoPCU Bug #1775 (In Progress): LC15: No PDCH allocation across two TRX
I submitted a TTCN3 test in osmo-ttcn3-hacks.git branch "pespin/pcu" which allocates up to 8 UL TBFs from different M...
03:30 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision a6d18fae (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: WIP
Change-Id: I6b20fded6b2a1896fb7ec47c7c5dcbdcbe27f771
03:26 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision b2a04540 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: Assign different ARFCN numbers to each PCU TRX
Change-Id: I78f5c1da9e040cd69071e9ce4c99ce5655f0c477
11:28 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #4817 (Feedback): gtp_delete_context_req2() called with NULL pctx->ggsn
I submitted these bunch of patches, please give it a try: sgsn_delete...
11:25 AM OsmoSGSN Revision 08395b33 (osmo-sgsn): process_ms_ctx_status: Fix crash deleting PDP Ctx if GTP side was already released
sgsn_delete_pdp_ctx() should never be called without checking if the GTP
side is available, since it may happen that ...
11:23 AM OsmoSGSN Revision 25998ddc (osmo-sgsn): process_ms_ctx_status: refactor to avoid code duplication
Change-Id: I1d1a1284c1563b3a5598e79d8ffd544288de4d62
11:04 AM OsmoSGSN Revision 60581ae7 (osmo-sgsn): sgsn_delete_pdp_ctx: Add documentation and assert assumptions
This function is only expected to be called if the GTP side of the PDP
ctx is still alive, since it will tear down th...


04:06 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision f1494a29 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: WIP
Change-Id: I6b20fded6b2a1896fb7ec47c7c5dcbdcbe27f771


05:41 PM osmo-gbproxy Bug #3178 (Rejected): gbproxy: failed to parse invalid BSSGP-UNITDATA message
Closing this ticket for several reasons:
* It didn't contain enough information, not obvious to reproduce
* We don'...
05:34 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4757: osmo-bts-sysmo-remote for L1 forwarding not operational
Hi, Can you give it a try again with current master (at least osmo-bts.git 26cc8580f605bb9f1fb9a317d2d3e9da6284ce29, ...

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