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05:10 PM OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Revision 859f9b07 (osmo-ggsn): ippool: Implement and use blacklist instead of blindly using IPPOO...
Commit dda21ed7d4a897c9284c69175d0da598598eae40 modified previous calls
to ippool_new() removing the pass of flags to...
01:56 PM OsmoGSMTester Bug #2576 (Resolved): include journal log `journalctl -o short-precise` to the test output
Added in osmo-gsm-tester e7ea69f79e9d0083544ee84d374763336d71bbd8. Log file can be found in the trial-*-run.tgz artif...
01:35 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision 3469b994 (osmo-gsm-tester): contrib/ Log and archive ofono output during ...
Change-Id: Ie83b03cef4f3ca3a2d91ac4731b3ed602ab1eadf
12:19 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision e7ea69f7 (osmo-gsm-tester): default-suites: Enable voice suite
Change-Id: I89174514b2af8909fd252ba4f694818b7353db8c
12:13 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision 4897e7a9 (osmo-gsm-tester): debug: Add voicecall related methods to interactive shell
Change-Id: Id2df68bf4fba0fb542eebdeb515a3dac6d5e575e
12:13 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision d71edd16 (osmo-gsm-tester): modem: Implement voice calls in modem and add voice suite
Change-Id: Ib402effc830db293f27a877658894e454a93a606
12:12 PM OsmoGSMTester Bug #2240 (Resolved): ofono: voice calls are not implemented for any modem
12:10 PM OsmoGSMTester Bug #2543 (Resolved): ofono: call removed+added during transition dialing->alerting
I tested it in RnD and it's fixed.
11:51 AM OsmoGSMTester Bug #2189: ofono: EC20: cannot send SMS
It still fails. I attach a ofono log. Reminder: grep for "Raw Send" to see the error.
11:29 AM OsmoGSMTester Bug #2559 (Closed): ofono: EC20 shown no NetworkRegistration and MessageManage interfaces
Closing for now as we could not reproduce again.

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