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09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision 203f7e0c (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Configurable signal power reductions for multiple arfcns.
Model was expanded and holds now power management information consisting
of an array of received power levels for all...
09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision 59cc3c3a (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Extracted common virtphy utils.
Change-Id: I759c6e9805ab012f9553bcba9b5d379193462955
09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision ba1f7c29 (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Added option parsing.
Available options:
dl-rx-grp: mcast group messages on downlink are received from
ul-tx-grp: mcast group messages on u...
09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision 7ea7b8ac (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Add downlink filter for msg on dedicated channels.
Messages incoming on dedicated channel (SDCCH/8, SDCCH/4) are no longer
forwarded to l23 if their timeslot/subchannel...
09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision c1705d53 (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Fixed power management and PCS sync.
PCS flag was ignored in fbsb. Power management returned a perfect link
for all possible arfcns causing the mobile try...
09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision e7600a0d (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Fixed FACCH processing on TCH.
As TCH is not supported in GSMTAP yet, all incoming frames on the
virt-phy are forwarded as FACCH to the l23 for now....
09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision a090f635 (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Scheduler - correct handling over hyperframe repeat.
Scheduler will no longer skip tasks that are scheduler for a framenumber
greater than the current fn because of a hyp...
09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision 30cc674d (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Calculate correct scheduler fn for data- and tch-msgs on ul.
Proper calculation of the scheduled frame number and appending the jobs
with that fn to the scheduler. Thus uplink ms...
09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision 241fe9c3 (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Fixed error causing send msgs to be received on same sock.
This could be disabled setting socket option IP_MULTICAST_ALL = 0.
Change-Id: Ia2838c4cd39bfac04c014b4c8512466b301d8875
09:26 PM OsmocomBB Revision 360de6be (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Data and traffic req from l23 now use scheduler.
Msgs are not put on virt um directly in the handler like before, but are
scheduled. FN they are scheduled with not ye...

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