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01:24 PM OsmoMSC Feature #3103: use a_reset.c in osmo-msc
Note: Neels and me agree that it might make sense to send a reset immediately when there is some connection attempt f...
01:20 PM osmo-sip-connector Feature #2950: create OE-Package for osmo-sip-connector
The package basically has just has to be tried out and checked if it functions correctly. We decided to postpone this...
12:35 PM OsmoMSC Bug #2322: Make osmo-msc work with external mncc
(Note: It has been reported that external MNCC is broken for LCR, but when I understand the isse there right, the bre...
12:33 PM OsmoMSC Feature #3103: use a_reset.c in osmo-msc
@neels: Both parts were intended to be generalized and put in a library somehow. Maybe we should fix that. Possibly l...
12:28 PM OsmoMGW Feature #2517: use libosmocore counters for packet/byte counting (statistics)
Unfortunately the patch got reverted.
12:16 PM OsmoBSC Bug #2936: Fix TTCN3 Test BSC_Tests.TC_assignment_sign
All the important patches got merged. However, there was some misunderstanding about the effect that the ASSIGNMENT C...


08:12 PM OsmoMSC Feature #3103 (Rejected): use a_reset.c in osmo-msc
This is basically the same as #3102, so lets reject it.
08:11 PM OsmoBSC Feature #3102: clean up and use a_reset.c in osmo-bsc
We might have the following error situation:
Problem: The MSC restarts, but since it lost all its state it does no...
07:49 PM OsmoBSC Bug #2762: OsmoBSC: Assignment of "Signalling" channel fails
See also:
07:46 PM OsmoBSC Bug #2936 (In Progress): Fix TTCN3 Test BSC_Tests.TC_assignment_sign
I think I managed to fix the problem. TC_assignment_sign now passes nicely on my side.
Unfortunately the testcase ...

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