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04:20 PM OsmoHLR Bug #2745 (In Progress): 2G auth does not work when 3G keys are provisioned.
When populating the hlr database with 3G keys (auc_3g), then 2G authentication stops working, while 3G authentication...


05:53 PM OsmoMGW Bug #2630 (In Progress): OsmoMGW has no VTYreference manual in osmo-gsm-manuals
Added the vty reference as a start for #2629
02:53 PM OsmoMSC Bug #2322 (In Progress): Make osmo-msc work with external mncc
I have tested osmo-msc with external MNCC (Asterisk) and after fixing a problem in the FSM it now works. However, I e...
02:44 PM OsmoMSC Feature #2605: from OsmoMSC, use the new OsmoMGW instead of osmo-bsc_mgcp
The patch is now also tested against a setup with external MNCC. It turned out that the FSM missed a state. Before we...
12:57 PM OsmoBTS Revision 8f120471 (osmo-bts): cosmetic: tests/agch: remove unused var "static_ilv"
remove unused const variable "static_ilv" from unit test "agch"
Change-Id: Ie724e2e5875020aa835b4cd57ab96966aee283e1
12:57 PM OsmoBTS Revision 4a436183 (osmo-bts): cosmetic: tests/power: remove unused var "ret"
remove unused variable "ret" in unit test "power"
Change-Id: Ied484e3e2d3006eb0f03516ceaed3e0e802d51e4


09:12 PM OsmoBTS Revision 33942ed1 (osmo-bts): cosmetic: tests/ remove excess whitespace
Change-Id: I7090d46ae72183014e6c74d6ddb240af8d66e0b4


12:59 PM OsmoBTS Revision 28cb32a7 (osmo-bts): cosmetic: meas_test: fix section comment
Change-Id: Id228620ccf5a40c8089ae1914d59b19e808ea151


09:02 PM OsmoBSC Bug #2693 (Resolved): also drop 'authentication' from osmo-bsc vty
08:51 PM OsmoBSC Support #2622: Prepare automatic interop testing of OmsoBSC against NG40 core simulator + osmo-bt...
I wonder if it is somehow possible to send audio streams through the mobile application when it runs with virtphy. In...

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