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02:58 PM OsmoBSC Bug #2711 (Resolved): wireshark claims SI 2ter is wrong
02:56 PM OsmoBTS Bug #1575 (Stalled): Correctly handle BS_AG_BLKS_RES (AGCH/PCH split in DL CCCH)
02:56 PM OsmoPCU Bug #2400 (Stalled): transmit SI13 on PACCH during long TBFs
02:51 PM OsmoPCU Bug #1548 (Stalled): 11bit RACH support
Gerrit 5062 has been merged. Have to verify whether 11-bit RACH is supported on sysmoBTS.
02:49 PM Cellular Infrastructure Feature #2684 (In Progress): add gerrit tests to osmo-python-tests
02:48 PM Cellular Infrastructure Feature #2684: add gerrit tests to osmo-python-tests
The very basic tests would be package build and install:
python2: gerrit 5277
python3: gerrit 5281
11:37 AM OsmoBTS Bug #2735 (Resolved): Malformed RF RESource INDication
In wireshark 2.4.3 there's error when decoding RSL message:...
11:14 AM OsmoBSC Bug #2711: wireshark claims SI 2ter is wrong
Fix submitted for review in gerrit 5269. Careful review of the other SI with Rest Octets revealed the same issue with...
10:47 AM OsmoBSC Bug #2486 (Resolved): show BTS up/down status + BTS uptime in BSC VTY + CTRL
All pending patches were merged, we now take MO states into account, available both via vty and ctrl interfaces. The ...
10:35 AM OsmoPCU Bug #2388 (In Progress): OsmoPCU sends BVC-RESET over NS-VC which is still in state BLOCKED

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