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12:26 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #3794: 'make install' overwrites $prefix/etc/osmocom/*.cfg
Is there similar issue with osmo-msc, osmo-bsc etc? I agree that we shouldn't try to replace package manager with mak...


09:34 AM OsmoMGW Feature #3429: idea: auto-cleanup endpoints after long period of inactivity?
While implementing this we've got to make sure it doesn't break BTS-variant of LCLS.
I'm not sure if we can determin...


12:31 PM Servers Wiki edit: Jenkins_Node_Setup_ansible (#6)
10:33 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #3726: Jenkins: build all Osmocom projects in docker, not only some
Related wiki page:


04:50 PM OsmoTRX Bug #3766: Sporadic jenkins failure
The odd thing is that usrp_main.c not even part of our repo. It's probably part of libusrp.
04:14 PM OsmoTRX Bug #3766 (New): Sporadic jenkins failure
There seems to be intermittent failure in gerrit job:...
12:52 PM OsmoTRX Feature #3054: Extended (11-bit) RACH support in OsmoTRX
All except gerrit 11423 are merged already. There's still room for improvements on top of that to avoid extended RACH...
11:56 AM OsmoMSC Bug #3294: transaction: refactor callref allocation
On a related note: CallRef is sent as part of LCLS-related config to BSC where it's used to match related call legs. ...
11:42 AM OsmoBSC Bug #3659: LCLS directly between BTSs
LCLS-BTS is not working when 2 phones are connected to different BTS: the loop is established but but no voice can be...


09:07 PM OsmoMSC Bug #3187 (Stalled): rx cipher mode reject from BSS broken

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