This project is about re-creating the experinence of telephone/modem based BBSs and BBS networks such as FidoNet, Z-Netz and UUCP/UseNet. It is hence a retro-computing project, but the focus is not neccessarily to run the exact same software on the exact same operating systems and hardware that was used back then.

Rather, the focus is on recreating the experience, and showcasing as well as explaining the technologies. We are not afraid to mix it with modern technology.

The project will
  • collect software and hardware used for circuit-switched telecommunication, including Modems, ISDN-TAs, RAS servers, BBS Software, Terminal Programs, etc.
  • build a physical setup of telephone network, modems, BBSs, points, ... that can be demonstrated at events such as vintage-computing festivals or CCC congresses
  • document the items of our collection as well as the physical setup on-line so people can read up about and explore related technology
  • as far as possible, run permanent installations of some of the technologies involved, either using modems over SIP/G.711 or telnet based access

We want to cover analog modems and ISDN on the hardware side, as well as all major network technologies on the software side, such as FTN, ZConnect and UUCP


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