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gnutoo, 01/25/2020 10:45 PM

Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G (GT-I9305)

Modem firmware and hardware architecture

Here are the AP (Samsung Exynos 4412) partitions related to the modem:
Partition label Mount point Filesystem content
RADIO /firmware vfat modem firmware partition
EFS /efs ext4 modem data partition

The Replicant project has some information on the modem boot.

Though that page has also information on how to support that modem from Replicant which runs on the Samsung Exynos 4412.

Note that the AP part is also supported by upstream Linux with the exynos4412-i9305.dts if you use u-boot and a nonfree BL1 (the stock bootloader doesn't clear the icache/dcache and still the MMU on).

Modem Components

Component type Component model
SOC Qualcomm MDM9615


  • Scan the device PCB and upload it to to confirm the modem model with the markings (and not just the kernel configuration from the LineageOS kernel)
  • Look if the max77693 can route the modem to the USB connector through resistor values.
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