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h1. OsmoMGW

OsmoMGW, the Osmocom Media Gateway, is a Media Gateway for handling user plane (voice) traffic in cellular networks.

OsmoMGW supports the IETF MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) for control from Call Agents, such as those present in [[OsmoBSC:]] and [[OsmoMSC:]].

At the moment (October 2017), OsmoMGW only implements RTP proxy / RTP bridge type endpoints, to each of which two RTP connections can be established.

We are planning to add endpoint types for
* classic E1/T1 timeslots (64kBps alaw/ulaw)
* classic E1/T1 16k sub-slots with TRAU frames for classic BTS support
* announcement/playout end-points
* conference endpoints

OsmoMGW is the generalized version of an earlier much more special-purpsoe implementation called osmo-bsc_mgcp.

h2. Situation in a typical Osmocom cellular network

h3. Use by [[OsmoBSC:]]

digraph G {
rankdir = LR;
OsmoBTS -> OsmoBSC [label="Abis/IP"];
OsmoBSC -> OsmoMSC [label="3GPP AoIP"];
OsmoBSC -> OsmoMGW [label="MGCP"];
OsmoBTS -> OsmoMGW [label="RTP",dir=both];
OsmoMGW -> OsmoMSC [label="RTP",dir=both];
{rank=same OsmoBSC OsmoMGW}
OsmoMGW [color=red];

h3. Use by [[OsmoMSC:]]

It is Planned to use OsmoMGW also from OsmoMSC like this:

digraph G {
rankdir = LR;
BTS -> BSC [label="Abis"];
BSC -> OsmoMSC [label="3GPP AoIP"];
OsmoMSC -> OsmoMGW [label="MGCP"];
BSC -> OsmoMGW [label="RTP",dir=both];
OsmoMSC -> OsmoSIP [label="MNCC"];
OsmoSIP -> PBX [label="SIP Trunk"];
OsmoMGW -> PBX [label="RTP",dir=both];
{rank=same OsmoMSC OsmoMGW}
OsmoSIP [label="osmo-sip-connector"];
OsmoMGW [color=red];

hNodeB -> OsmoHNBGW [label="Iuh"];
OsmoHNBGW -> OsmoMSC [label="IuCS"];
hNodeB -> OsmoMGW [label="RTP",dir=both];


h2. User Manuals

We are still working on a set of complete manuals
* osmo-mgw VTY reference:

h2. Source code

The source code is available from (module @osmo-mgw@).

Public read-only access is available via
git clone git://

You can browse it via cgit:

Contributions are welcome via [[cellular-infrastructure:Gerrit]].

h2. Test Suite

We have a TTCN-3 test suite as part of our [[cellular-infrastructure:Titan_TTCN3_Testsuites]]
* source code:
* results:

h2. Contact

* Contact us via the openbsc@ mailing list, see [[cellular-infrastructure:Mailing Lists]].
* Contributions are welcome via [[cellular-infrastructure:Gerrit]].
* Git repository browser at
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