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= Project Osmocom =

Osmocom ('''O'''pen '''S'''ource '''Mo'''bile '''Com'''munication) is a collection of Free Software / Open Source Software projects in the area of mobile communications.

Our member projects implement a variety of public and private communications systems, ranging from GSM/GPRS mobile telephony over TETRA private mobile radio to DECT cordless telephony
and many others.

The goal of those implementations is to provide free software implementations available in source code, which we believe are key aspects * to encourage research, innovation and experimentation on widespread communications systems * to help interested engineers and students with practical insight into systems they normally only read about in books * to ensure that technical and implementation details of such vital communications systems are known outside the small group of manufacturers who push them into the market

The status, quality and completion grade differs from project to project. Some are used even in commercial production networks, others are primarily used in research and education.

The people behind Osmocom are putting together those projects in collaborative, distributed Free Software projects in the spirit of much larger and more established/deployed projects like the Linux kernel, the GNU project. Our software is primarily written by developers for other developers. If you are unfamiliar with standard tools and practises of C-language programming in a GNU/Linux environment, you will have a very hard time making any use of our work. You have been warned ;)

Individual Projects * GSM related * network side * [ OpenBSC] -- GSM Base Station Controller ([ bosmo-bsc]) + Network In The Box ([ osmo-nitb]) * [ OsmoSGSN] -- Experimental/minimal GPRS/EDGE Serving GPRS Support Node * [ OpenGGNS] -- GPRS/EDGE Gateway GPRS Support Node * [ bsc_nat] -- Network Address Translation for making many BSCs appear as one BSC to a MSC * [ osmo-gbproxy] -- GPRS/EDGE Gb interface proxy / aggregator / converter (NS/IP vs. NS/FR) * [ cellmgr_ng] -- A type of STP / media gateway between circuit-switched SS7 and SIGTRAN * telephone side * [ OsmocomBB] -- MS-side GSM protocol stack and baseband processor firmware / drivers * [ SIMtrace] -- Hardware APDU tracer/logger for ISO 7816-3 smart-cards such as GSM SIM / UMTS UICC * Other communication systems * [ OsmocomDECT] -- DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephony) stack + drivers for Linux * [ OsmocomTETRA] -- TETRA SDR receiver, PHY and lower MAC layer * [ OsmocomGMR] -- GMR (Geo Mobile Radio) / Thuraya SDR receiver/decoder/demodulator/dissector * [ OsmocomOP25] -- SDR receiver/decoder for the APCO Project 25 trunked digital radio system * SDR hardware * [ OsmocomSDR] -- Inexpensive USB based SDR receiver with FOSS hardware/firmware * [ rtl-sdr] -- turning a consumer-grade USB DVB-T stick into a least-cost SDR Other Osmocom resources * -- RSS aggregator of project RSS feeds and individual developer blogs * -- Mailing lists used for communication among developers and users * -- GIT revision control server with dozens of source code repositories * -- webspace of individual Osmocom developers Support
Osmocom is not a company nor a commercial venture. Development of osmocom projects is done by a diverse, international community of experts who volunteer to create this software. Please always remember
this when asking questions on mailing lists, IRC or in person. All our software and informations on our web sites is available for free to anyone. But just because you have downloaded
our code, it doesn't mean that you have a right to commercial-grade customer support. People are doing their best in whatever amount of spare time they have to help you!

Nevertheless, if you have the requirement for commercial-grade support or development services surrounding Osmocom, there is a variety of companies and freelancers available to help you.

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