From 04/30/2017 to 05/29/2017


09:25 AM Revision 14522035 (gapk): fmt_gsm: document that this format is also used for RTP
09:23 AM RTP, AMR and ALSA playback support in Osmcoom gapk
In the last few days, the Osmocom [[gapk:]] (GSM Audio Pocket Knife) has been extended with the following feature set... laforge


07:28 PM Revision 2ba67e8c (gapk): Add gapk testsuit
This testsuite takes a PCM auidio file and encodes from it every
supported format, and compares that output with a kn...
07:06 PM Revision 84f4f86f (gapk): fmt_rtp_hr_ietf.c: Fix error encoding this format
We used the wrong length constant during encoding of RTP-HR IETF style. laforge
06:58 PM Revision fa93cec8 (gapk): EFR codec fixup.
While EFR has a canonical format of 31 bytes, the codec_efr.c *does not*
use that canonical format as input. Rather,...
06:06 PM Revision d045f176 (gapk): procqueue.c: Logging unficiation (always use the [x] prefix)
06:06 PM Revision ac3517e7 (gapk): alsa/file input: return -1 on eof (short read)
This will permit for a more graceful error than the next element in the
processing chain complaining that there's a 0...
05:44 PM Revision 0c655bce (gapk): direct all log statements to stderr to avoid breaking stdout data out
The tool has the capability to be used in a pipe, so stdout should
recevie nothing else but actual codec/pcm data.
05:44 PM Revision 6c7fd795 (gapk): codac_amr: Remove printf() left from debugging/testing
05:33 PM Revision 7bdf34cc (gapk): fmt_ti: fix lsb/msb mix-up in ti_hr_from_canon()
I noticed that ti-hr format doesn't pass an encode-decode-playback test,
and discussion with tnt resulted in the foll...
02:22 PM Revision 076d41aa (gapk): print_help(): Fix formatting of help text
02:18 PM Revision 848db7b6 (gapk): Add support for RTP with GSM-HR payload according to RFC5993
This is incompatible with the ETSI TS 101 318 format! laforge
02:18 PM Revision f62e7a49 (gapk): Add "rtp-efr" format support for RTP payload according to RFC3551 4.5.9
The RTP EFR payload is a bit like the FR payload: one nibble magic
marker, then followed by the actual codec bits. S...
02:18 PM Revision 526fc6e5 (gapk): Fix HR codec block sizes
The ETSI reference codec actually uses an array of 20/22 16bit values
rather than a "canonical" format. The conversi...
02:18 PM Revision dc3589a6 (gapk): Add support for RTP with GSM-HR payload according to ETSI TS 101 318
12:30 PM Revision bd42eba3 (gapk): Print some useful information while putting together the procqueue
12:30 PM Revision 495c6947 (gapk): print meaningful error messages if something goes wrong in main/pq
12:29 PM Revision 8b01f0ca (gapk): Add AMR codec support
After merging this change, there is support for the AMR codec (by means
of libopencore-amr, which is already used for...
08:44 AM Revision 494d92c3 (gapk): more API documentation
08:44 AM Revision 5912848d (gapk): prepare gapk for dealing with variable-length frames
The existing architecture was modelled around fixed-length codec frame
sizes, which of course fails with multi-rate c...
08:20 AM Revision 62688b60 (gapk): introduce #defines for canonical length + use them


11:56 PM Revision 2ae47af0 (gapk): Add ALSA input/output support to GAPK
The ALSA source/sink uses the pcm-s16le format. laforge
11:56 PM Revision 07d69131 (gapk): RTP: give meaningful error messages if something fails
In fact, it should probably be better to silently ignore all those
errors as opposed to aborting the entire processin...
02:42 PM Revision f3d2ad6a (gapk): add some more comments throughout the code

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