E1/T1 Tap

The Osmocom E1/T1 tap adapter allows you to tap into the communication of an E1/T1 line.

This is useful for tracing/analyzing communications on any type of E1 based interface, such as A-bis, A and core network interfaces in GSM networks, as well as classic ISDN networks.

Two RJ-45 ports are used for passing through your existing E1 line. Using a switch (SW1), the pass-through can be configured in straight or cross-over mode.

Two additional RJ-45 sockets are provided for tapping into either of the two pairs (Rx/Tx) of the E1 line.

An additional switch (SW2) can be used to select between high and low impedance tapping.

All ports are configured in Digium-compatible pin-out, i,e, pairs 1+2 / 4+5

PCB Photograph



e1_tap_brd.pdf - Component Placement (21.9 KB) laforge, 05/07/2017 04:46 PM

e1_tap.pdf - Schematics (17.7 KB) laforge, 05/07/2017 04:46 PM

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