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vogelchr, 02/19/2016 10:48 PM
Added link to the ARM infocenter.

PageOutline = Calypso Digital Baseband =

The Calypso Digital Base Band chip is a popular DBB implementation for inexpensive feature phones.

The register-level manuals seem to have leaked at some point and are available from
at and

As is currently suffering legal battles due to Microsoft stupidity,
you can use /

Variants * Calypso G2 C035 * Calypso G2 C035 Lite (D751749GHH) * Like C035, only 256kBytes of internal memory CPU

The CPU embedded in the calypso chipset is a ARM7TDMI. Details documents about this CPU is available from the ARM infocenter at [].

Memory Map * nCS0 0x0000'0000 ... 0x007f'ffff (C123: external NOR flash) * nCS6 0x0080'0000 ... 0x00bf'ffff (internal SRAM, in case of calypso lite only 256kBytes) * nCS1 0x0100'0000 ... 0x017f'ffff (C123: external SRAM) Integrated Peripherals
Integrated Peripherals === TPU (Time Processing Unit) === * A programmable micro-engine clocked at GSM quarter-bit clock === MODEM UART === * The UART that is typically connected to a PC or the application processor in a smartphone === IRDA UART === * The UART that is either connected to IRDA or for diagnostics/programming === RIF (Radio Interface) === * Connects to the synchronous bi-directional BSP (Baseband Serial Port) === DPLL + clock block === * Generate clocks for DSP, ARM and all peripherals === GEA (GPRS Encryption Algorithm) === * Encrypts/Decrypts data according to the proprietary GEA algorithm === Watchdog timer === === Interrupt Controller === === Memory interface (SRAM/ROM) === === DMA controller === * Only usable for UART and RIF, can only DMA to small API RAM memory region === SIM card controller === * Connects to the SIM card socket in the phone === TSP controller (Time Serial Port) === * Controls the TSP, which controls the sequencing of all external peripherals like ABB, RF chip, RF PA, Antenna Switch === RTC clock === * A pretty standard realtime clock === ULPD (Ultra Low Power Device) === * Responsible for enabling the phone to go to lowest-possible power mode while IDLE, but still waking up at the right point to receive important data (like paging channel) from the BTS === I2C Master controller === * Typically connects to external peripherals like LCD (if any)

The controller has two oddities: * It assumes that the peripheral has an address byte. If your peripheral doesn't, you have to
write the first byte into the address register and not the FIFO * You cannot under-fill the FIFO, i.e. if you write 8 bytes into the 16byte deep fifo, the controller
will transmit 16 bytes rather than 8. Therefore, always limit the FIFO depth to your write size!
More details about this can be seen at [wiki:CalypsoI2CFIFO] === SPI Master controller === * Connects to USP of ABB and possibly other external peripherals === TIMER1 / TIMER2 general purpose timers ===
The timer input clock is not mentioned in the data sheet. It seems to be 13MHz / 32, i.e. 406.25kHz === PWL (PWM for Light) === * connected to the screen/keypad backlight === PWT (PWM for Tones) === * connected to a buzzer for ringtone generation

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