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h1. Fernvale

Fernvale is an open-source development platform for the Mediatek MT6260. It was also specifically designed for reverse engineering.

It is available on the "sysmocom web-shop":

h2. Software

* There is a simple bootloader/interactive shell called "fernly":
* There is a downstream "port to Nuttx": which is bootable but provides limited features
* There is a downstream "OsmocomBB port": which has a bootable layer1 image that doesn't support any of the GSM hardware yet.

|_. Hardware feature |_. Support |
| Backlight | "Fernly": |
| Bluetooth | None yet |
| External memory | "Fernly": "Nuttx": |
| GSM, GPRS | None yet |
| Keypad | "Fernly": |
| LCD | "Fernly": , "Nuttx": |
| Leds | "Fernly": "Nuttx": |
| SDIO | "Nuttx": |
| SPI | "Fernly": "Nuttx": |
| UART | "Fernly": "Nuttx": |
| USB peripheral? | "Nuttx": |
| USB host | "Nuttx": |

h2. Progress

Apr 22 2018 - layer1 firmware has stubbed out implementations for mediatek/fernvale. layer1/main blinks the big LED on fernvale and fernly usb serial is ported so that debug messages are possible. See my "mtk-layer1 branch": on github.

Feb 13 2018 - fixed up Makefile.mtk so that both [[SciphoneDreamG2]] and Fernvale firmwares build. An LED blink firmware is working on Fernvale but the loader_mtk firmware no longer seems to work on the [[SciphoneDreamG2]].

h2. TODOs

* port [[Layer1bin]] - "unrznbl": is working on this currently
* create library from osmocom-bb to be used in NuttX layer1 app (hopefully very little copying of code into nuttx tree)
* port [[Mobile]] to NuttX

h2. Help welcome

Very few people are working on it[1], and because of that progress have been very slow.

fn1. See "This blog post": for more background on the issue.

h2. References and documentation

* : Article on porting OsmocomBB to the Fernvale
* : Fernvale hardware documentation
* : Kosagi forums: they have a section on the Fernvale
* : Blog post on the initial hardware and software reverse engineering
* : Blog post on the initial software reverse engineering
* There was a talk at the 31c3 about the Fernvale. "video": "slides":
* Nuttx's "mt6260_tdma.h": seem to contain some information on the GSM part
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