Bug #3041

Updated by neels over 1 year ago

*@dexter, can you take a look and clarify whether the FSM is wrong or the error is elsewhere?*

Testing with current master of osmo-bsc (f93970b167aba2805cc67e1326591f31fbe93ada) I get spurious BSSMAP Reset messages coming from OsmoBSC.
They seem to happen exactly two seconds after a BSSMAP Clear Complete message; though not after _every_ BSSMAP Clear, "feels like" every fourth Clear or so.
The log always states "Timeout of T1234" shortly before the Reset. The Resets do not re-occur at regular intervals by themselves, only after a BSSMAP Clear Complete.

See attached pcap, get an overview first by filtering 'bssap', then pick a 'BSSMAP Reset' packet and clear the filter to also see the OsmoBSC gsmtap-log around it.
I filtered RTP and OsmoMGW logging from the pcap to reduce the size (the voice calls worked fine).
In the pcap, two phones subscribe, call each other, do a USSD, detach, re-attach and so on. Every so often an out-of-place BSSMAP Reset occurs.


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