Feature #2502

Updated by laforge about 3 years ago

There has been some discussion in person @ sysmocom and on the mailing lists.

I think the discussion has evolved into the following direction:

h2. Gerrit buld testing of patches before merge

* gerrit builds will be fully dockerized, i.e. anything needed to do the respective build testing is described in the Dockerfile
* FreeBSD build testing will be dropped

h2. regular builds of master, after code has been merged

* use same dockerfiles as for gerrit build testing, but store results persistently in workdir?
** this would give us maximum reuse between the two. Executed testsuite could still be diffrent among the two

h2. special purpose jenkins slaves

This is for coverity + OBS uploads. Those tasks require no amount of parallelization and could just be nailed to one specific build slave whose setup still needs to be properly documented, but which doesn't have to come from a Dockerfile or ansible playbook.

h2. osmo-gsm-tester

TBD by the team in charge of osmo-gsm-tester. One docker image per network element is among the discussed options.

h2. "connected" tests like TTCN-3

Already generated from Dockerfiles now


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