Bug #4197

Updated by keith about 1 year ago

I observed on a Debian system that systemd is starting the osmo-sip-connector before the system is fully up and all network interfaces are configured.
This results in:

DLGLOBAL NOTICE <0004> telnet_interface.c:104 Available via telnet 4256
DMNCC NOTICE <0001> mncc.c:1021 Scheduling MNCC connect
DSIP NOTICE <0000> :0 su_source_port_create() returns 0x55a3df9dd5d0
DSIP NOTICE <0000> :0 nta: bind(;transport=*): Cannot assign requested address
DSIP NOTICE <0000> :0 nua: initializing SIP stack failed
DSIP ERROR <0000> main.c:163 Failed to initialize SIP. Running broken

This is not terribly useful.

Instead we could:

1) exit (in the hopes that the OS will bring us back up again and now the interface is configured). configured.

2) retry to bind at regular intervals.

3) In the case of systemd, add the following (i believe) to the service file:


However, I'm no systemd expert.


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