Bug #4197

Updated by keith about 1 year ago

I observed on a Debian system that systemd is starting the osmo-sip-connector before the system is fully up and all network interfaces are configured.
This results in:

DLGLOBAL NOTICE <0004> telnet_interface.c:104 Available via telnet 4256
DMNCC NOTICE <0001> mncc.c:1021 Scheduling MNCC connect
DSIP NOTICE <0000> :0 su_source_port_create() returns 0x55a3df9dd5d0
DSIP NOTICE <0000> :0 nta: bind(;transport=*): Cannot assign requested address
DSIP NOTICE <0000> :0 nua: initializing SIP stack failed
DSIP ERROR <0000> main.c:163 Failed to initialize SIP. Running broken

This is not terribly useful.

Instead we could:

1) exit (in the hopes that the OS will bring us back up again and now the interface I/F is configured. configured

2) retry to bind at regular intervals. intervals

3) In the case of systemd, add the following (i believe) to the service file:


However, I'm no systemd expert.


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