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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
2406 OsmoPCU Bug Feedback Low CS-PAGING not implemented osmith 12/10/2019 07:17 PM Related to #3927, Related to #2403
2403 OsmoPCU Bug In Progress Low PS-PAGING and CS-PAGING not implemented on PTP-BVCI osmith 12/10/2019 07:18 PM Related to #2406
4291 osmo-ccid-firmware Feature In Progress Normal hardware setup with OCTSIM attached to a jenkins build slave roh 12/11/2019 06:13 PM
4305 Distributed GSM Feature New High GSUP proxy: cache auth tuples to re-use / fall back to simpler auth methods 12/12/2019 07:40 AM
4083 Servers Bug In Progress Normal error: garbage at end of loose object sysmocom 12/12/2019 01:06 PM
2819 Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature In Progress High migrate to python3 osmith 12/12/2019 01:11 PM
4319 Distributed GSM Bug In Progress High determine auc_3g_ind from actual source_name of a request, not from the GSUP client conn neels 12/12/2019 08:52 PM Related to #4318
4318 OsmoMSC Feature In Progress High osmo-msc should indicate CS-domain in GSUP SendAuthInfo-Request neels 12/12/2019 09:08 PM Related to #4319
4306 Distributed GSM Feature New High GSUP proxy cache: store data persistently 12/12/2019 09:26 PM
4311 libosmocore Feature New Normal blocking stderr output inhibits the program? 12/12/2019 09:31 PM
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