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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
3363 OsmoTRX Bug In Progress Normal osmo-trx-uhd debian package is missing example config and systemd service file pespin 09/30/2018 08:25 AM Related to #3369
3356 OsmoSGSN Bug In Progress High OsmoSGSN doesn't provide unique IDTAG_SERNR in IPA CCM stsp 12/11/2018 03:23 PM Related to #3355, Related to #2796, Related to #3644
3342 OsmoTRX Bug In Progress Normal osmo-trx-lms: low tx output power level roh 11/29/2018 12:30 PM Related to #2919
3341 OsmoTRX Bug In Progress High osmo-trx-lms RF Envelope FAIL on LimeSDR, but not on LimeSDR-mini roh 11/29/2018 12:30 PM Related to #2919
3187 OsmoMSC Bug In Progress High rx cipher mode reject from BSS broken msuraev 11/19/2018 09:30 AM Related to #3043
3179 OsmoBSCNAT Bug In Progress High mgw-nat TTCN-3 tests not yet executed automatically daniel 11/08/2018 04:44 PM
3162 OsmoMSC Bug In Progress Low BSSMAP: reject Level 3 Complete from cells with invalid LAI stsp 12/19/2018 07:11 PM Related to #3163, Related to #3164
3111 libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Bug In Progress Normal ipa_asp_states has illegal out-states XUA_ASP_S_INACTIVE and XUA_ASP_S_DOWN stsp 12/19/2018 01:08 PM
2964 OsmoBSC Bug In Progress Normal handover_decision_2: measurement report number compared to lchan->meas_rep_last_seen_nr often overflows to zero (255 range) and hence an old report may be seen as new every once per 255 cycle neels 10/10/2018 12:27 PM Related to #1606
2895 OsmoMSC Bug In Progress Normal OsmoMSC excessively uses LU Reject Cause 22 (congestion) stsp 12/11/2018 11:07 AM
2872 OsmoMSC Bug In Progress Normal OsmoMSC doesn't check if CIPHER MODE COMPLETE contains cipher that matches REQUEST stsp 12/18/2018 04:32 PM
2826 OsmoTRX Bug In Progress High osmo-trx: different output in convolve test between x86 vs neon vs neon-vfpv4 tnt 12/21/2018 03:55 PM Related to #2721, Related to #2828
2796 OsmoHLR Bug In Progress Normal OsmoHLR doesn't update VLR during UpdateLocation neels 10/08/2018 10:15 PM Related to #3154, Related to #3355, Related to #3356, Related to #3601
2785 OsmoHLR Bug In Progress High OsmoHLR forgets to send InsertSubscriberData to VLR/SGSN when data changes neels 10/11/2018 11:56 AM Related to #3154, Related to #3601
2683 OsmoGSMTester Bug In Progress Normal ofono: EC20 failing to create ipv6 or dual contexts lynxis 12/15/2017 11:41 AM Related to #2713, Blocked by #2687
2514 GSM Audio Pocket Knife Bug In Progress Normal GSM HR encoding result does not match the reference fixeria 07/02/2018 10:50 AM
2404 OsmoPCU Bug In Progress Low PAGING-PS doesn't use QoS parameters from BSSGP stsp 11/12/2018 11:48 AM
2238 OsmoGSMTester Bug In Progress Normal ofono: Gobi modem: cannot receive SMS lynxis 01/04/2018 11:07 AM Related to #2188
1954 OsmocomBB Bug In Progress Normal Motorola C188 with Osmocombb firmwre(RAM version) can't scan out any base stations 07/10/2017 10:24 PM
1950 OsmoBTS Bug In Progress High LC15: BTS does not send L2 fill frame stsp 08/21/2018 09:58 AM
1881 OsmoSGSN Bug In Progress Normal don't send PDP CTX DEACT ACK to MS when destroying PDP ctx indepent from MS requests lynxis 12/16/2016 05:09 PM
1766 OsmoPCU Bug In Progress High KPIs for OsmoPCU: EGPRS 10/29/2017 06:47 PM Related to #1654, Related to #1652
1704 SIMtrace 2 Bug In Progress Normal test/port card emulation firmware for SAM3S based SIMtrace2 tsaitgaist 10/25/2018 09:14 AM Related to #1705
1685 osmo-sip-connector Bug In Progress Normal osmo-sip-connector: Review and define log statements and which info to include osmith 10/29/2018 01:40 PM
3722 libosmocore Bug Feedback Normal osmo_clock_gettime broke build on MacOS pespin 12/10/2018 10:01 AM
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