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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2423OsmoGSMTesterFeatureNewNormalmove jenkins builds to new split osmo-msc.git, osmo-bsc.gitneels08/07/2017 12:32 PM
2402libosmo-sccpBugClosedHighSCCP client segfaults when remote osmo-stp instance terminateslaforge08/15/2017 09:33 PM
2399OsmoGSMTesterFeatureNewNormaladd tests for graceful restart of individual componentsosmo-gsm-tester07/25/2017 12:02 AM
2398OsmoMGWFeatureNewNormalImplement initial osmo-mgwsysmocom08/17/2017 06:44 AM
2391OsmoMSCFeatureNewHighadd osmocom specific TLVs to A-interface for BTS/TS and subscriber details08/17/2017 06:45 AM
2390OsmoMSCFeatureNewHighre-add osmocom specific TLVs to MNCC messages08/17/2017 06:45 AM
2389OsmoBSCFeatureNewNormalre-add siemens MRPCI message, dropped during MSCSPLIT07/24/2017 02:10 PM
2373OsmoMSCBugNewLowSMS sent to old Nokia 1100: "message 0x332/1" causes CP-ERROR, and SMS is received 5 or more times07/18/2017 10:21 AM
2372OsmoGSMTesterFeatureNewNormaladd MNCC tests to osmo-gsm-testerosmo-gsm-tester07/17/2017 11:51 AM
2363OpenBSCSupportNewLowmigrate important branches from openbsc.git to new osmo-{msc,bsc,mgw,sgsn}.git07/13/2017 11:55 AM
2338OsmoBTSBugClosedUrgentFix and re-submit revert commit "RSL: receive and send multiple SI2q messages"msuraev08/08/2017 07:05 PM
2333libosmo-sccpBugNewNormalosmo_sccp_simple_client() may never returndexter07/25/2017 09:49 AM
2330Cellular InfrastructureBugNewLowadd --enable-sanitize configure flag to osmocom cellular network projects (osmo-{msc,bsc,sgsn} and dependencies)neels07/13/2017 08:40 PM
2327OsmoGSMTesterFeatureRejectedNormaldocument NTP as cause for failing osmo-bts-trx runs in osmo-gsm-manuals?osmo-gsm-tester06/24/2017 11:04 AM
2326OsmoGSMTesterBugClosedUrgentofono dbus interaction: schedule_scan_register() hits self.dbus == Nonepespin08/08/2017 07:05 PM
2325OsmoBTSBugStalledNormalsporadic crash of osmo-bts-trx in osmo-gsm-tester runspespin07/10/2017 06:40 PM
2324OsmoSTPFeatureNewNormalallow to bind to a configured IP address07/19/2017 04:27 PM
2323OsmoGSMTesterBugClosedUrgentofono network registration makes tester runs unstablepespin08/08/2017 07:04 PM
2320OsmoGSMTesterBugClosedUrgentosmo-gsm-tester aoip runs fail consistentlyneels08/08/2017 07:04 PM
2318OsmoGSMTesterFeatureNewNormaltesting sysmobts: skip copying of binaries when the same are already installedosmo-gsm-tester06/07/2017 03:55 PM
2316OsmoBTSBugClosedHighosmo-bts aborts on sysmoBTSneels08/08/2017 07:06 PM
2315OsmoGSMTesterBugResolvedUrgentosmo-bts-trx: configure pcu socket to live in run dirpespin08/10/2017 04:31 PM
2308OsmoGSMTesterFeatureIn ProgressUrgentprepare GPRS for osmo-gsm-tester: try to use ofono to connect to an osmocom GPRS servicepespin08/01/2017 09:59 AM
2303OsmoGSMTesterFeatureNewNormalin the jenkins builds for osmo-gsm-tester, disable and/or exclude static librariesosmo-gsm-tester05/30/2017 12:17 PM
2302OsmoGSMTesterBugClosedNormalosmo-bts-trx aborts due to illegal instruction08/08/2017 07:07 PM
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