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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
33 OsmoSGSN Feature New Low real LLC implementation with fragmentation and re-transmissions 11/09/2016 09:45 AM
25 OsmoMSC Feature New Low Call HOLD / RETRIEVE support for internal MNCC 08/01/2019 03:06 PM
18 OsmoNITB Feature New Low store last location identity to database 05/24/2018 01:15 PM
4021 osmo-remsim Support New High long-term end-to-end osmo-remsim test setup roh 12/03/2019 03:52 PM
2622 OsmoBSC Support Stalled High Prepare automatic interop testing of OmsoBSC against NG40 core simulator + osmo-bts-virtual + mobile 09/04/2019 09:18 AM Related to #2478, Related to #2558, Related to #2555
1719 Cellular Network Infrastructure Support Stalled High review different 'getting started' guides in the wiki and unify/update them daniel 03/27/2018 01:40 PM Related to #2618
4292 Cellular Network Infrastructure Support Resolved Normal how to have multiple VTY manuals in one repository? osmith 12/03/2019 07:13 PM
4192 Misc Hardware Projects Support Resolved Normal do we have any unassembled sfp-breakout PCB roh 09/10/2019 11:16 AM
4064 osmo-clock-gen Support In Progress Normal bom / parts order / production of 3 clock-gen v2 prototypes mschramm 08/04/2019 08:37 PM
3801 OsmocomBB Support Resolved Normal dump flash of Sony Ericsson SJ100i roh 05/09/2019 04:31 PM Related to #3582
3751 OsmoBTS Support New Normal Ensure BTS Tests.ttcn results of OC-2G resemble what we know/expect from osmo-bts-{sysmo,trx} 12/01/2019 10:52 AM
3749 OsmoPCU Support Resolved Normal Integrate existing code and patches for OC-2G hardware and phy from oc2g-next branch of nrw_noa daniel 03/27/2019 05:51 PM
3524 Misc Hardware Projects Support Resolved Normal assemble + test SFP breakout board roh 09/11/2018 03:33 PM Related to #3313
3523 Misc Hardware Projects Support Resolved Normal assemble + test SFP experimentation board with LVDS transceivers onboard mschramm 09/11/2018 04:36 PM Follows #3314
3451 OsmoGSMTester Support Resolved Normal install LimeSDR-USB in 1U enclosure to production setup pespin 11/12/2018 05:02 PM
3317 E1/T1 Hardware Interface Support Resolved Normal Do we still have MAX5215 and/or MAX6163 at sysmocom? mschramm 06/09/2018 09:25 AM
3108 osmo-sip-connector Support Rejected Normal Should SIP Response "Contact" field list the complete address from the Request "To"? laforge 03/26/2018 09:23 PM
2704 OsmocomBB Support Feedback Normal set up FCDEV1B board so it can be remotely accessed remotely roh 10/22/2019 02:58 PM Related to #3581, Related to #3582
1650 OsmoPCU Support Closed Normal do we need something for DTXu in the PCU? 06/01/2016 02:00 PM
2219 libosmo-netif Support Closed Low check if we support zero-length UDP packets msuraev 02/06/2018 08:25 AM
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