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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
3024 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal include/osmo-bts/l1sap.h/L1SAP_FN2CCCHBLOCK: possible overflow laforge 09/30/2018 02:10 PM
3023 OsmoBTS Support Resolved Low src/common/pcu_sock.c/pcu_sock_close(): The array 'ts->lchan' is being utilized as a pointer to single object, ts->lchan[0] would be clearer fixeria 10/06/2018 09:25 PM
3022 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal src/common/oml.c/oml_send_msg(): The 'memcpy' function doesn't copy the whole string fixeria 04/01/2019 06:07 PM
2223 OsmoBTS Bug Closed High common/power_control.c: strange conditions msuraev 02/06/2018 08:25 AM
1786 OsmoBTS Feature Closed Normal GSM 05.03 code migration to libosmogsm fixeria 03/07/2017 04:06 AM
3744 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal include/osmocom/bsc/gsm_data.h: OSMO_ASSERT(conn->lchan); failed in conn_get_bts() 12/30/2018 10:39 AM
3716 OsmoBSC Bug Stalled Low Use SACCH for MO/MT SMS signalling during a voice call fixeria 05/08/2019 03:35 PM
3709 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved Normal Immediate Assignment Reject triggered by no answer to Immediate Assignment fixeria 11/27/2018 12:21 PM
1971 OpenBSC Bug Rejected Normal TCH/F_TCH/H_PDCH: BSC doesn't allocate TCH/F fixeria 10/09/2017 02:45 PM Related to #1778
4025 libosmocore Bug Feedback High gsm48_decode_bcd_number2(): incorrect output buffer truncation fixeria 05/25/2019 06:01 PM
3626 libosmocore Bug New Low LAPDm code pulls both 'l1h' and 'l2h' of msgb fixeria 11/27/2018 09:43 PM
3584 libosmocore Bug Resolved Low libosmovty/command.c: (!elem->attr & CMD_ATTR_DEPRECATED), missing parentheses? neels 09/24/2018 06:47 AM
3522 libosmocore Feature New Low libosmocoding: move TCH ordering functions to libosmocodec and share them fixeria 09/04/2018 08:49 PM
3521 libosmocore Feature New Normal core/utils: engineering notation helpers fixeria 09/04/2018 08:32 PM
3021 libosmocore Bug Resolved Normal src/gsm/gsm0808.c/gsm0808_create_paging(): Expression 'cil' is always true stsp 08/29/2018 07:38 AM
2986 libosmocore Bug Resolved High GNU TLS fallback: segfault on gnutls_rnd() lynxis 05/03/2018 02:52 AM Related to #2982, Related to #2981, Related to #2983
2229 libosmocore Bug Closed Normal tests/kasumi/kasumi_test.c: missed check result 05/29/2017 06:42 PM
2228 libosmocore Bug Closed Normal tests/fsm/fsm_test.c: unreacheable code 05/29/2017 06:42 PM
2222 libosmocore Bug Closed Normal gsm/tlv.h: unreachable part of code 05/29/2017 06:42 PM
1960 libosmocore Bug Closed High GSM 05.03 conv_test fails fixeria 05/04/2017 08:36 PM Blocks #1672
3398 GSM Audio Pocket Knife Bug New Normal build: configure fails if (optional) libalsa wasn't found fixeria 07/16/2018 08:45 PM
2514 GSM Audio Pocket Knife Bug Stalled Normal GSM HR encoding result does not match the reference fixeria 04/03/2019 08:37 AM
2483 GSM Audio Pocket Knife Bug Closed High ALSA buffer overrun causes program exit fixeria 09/06/2017 09:56 PM
2482 GSM Audio Pocket Knife Bug Closed Normal RTP payload type is always GSM 06.10 (3) fixeria 07/16/2018 08:05 PM
3520 gr-gsm Feature Resolved Normal apps/grgsm_trx: implement a possibility to shift both RX and TX frequencies fixeria 09/05/2018 11:11 AM
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