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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
1784 osmo-sip-connector Bug Closed High osmo-sip-connector: early media not functional as with LCR zecke 03/29/2017 06:35 PM
1964 osmo-sip-connector Feature Closed Normal osmo-sip-connector: Communicate the failure cause from MNCC to SIP zecke 03/17/2017 09:56 PM Is duplicate of #1682
2595 OsmoNITB Bug New Low db: find the best way to allocate unused random extension and avoid infinite loop 03/05/2018 07:35 PM
2938 OsmoNITB Bug Closed Low osmo-nitb version 1.0.0 in 'latest' constantly logs LIBDBI error 05/03/2020 03:16 AM
2942 OsmoBTS Bug New Low osmo-bts-virtual+virtphy+mobile paging for SMS delivery fails 02/13/2018 05:05 PM
2965 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved High No measurement reports sent for channels other than TCH dexter 03/01/2018 11:10 PM Related to #2975
3120 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal osmo-bts aborts on GET trx.0.clock-info on CTRL interface neels 04/11/2018 12:22 PM
3121 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal osmo-bts-sysmo can't read eeprom... keith 04/05/2018 02:42 PM
3175 libosmocore Bug Resolved Normal Packaging: Upgrading libosmocore impossibel due to dpkg error overwriting keith 05/08/2019 02:54 PM Related to #3176, Related to #3228
3278 OsmoNITB Bug New Normal Disconnected ESME socket leaves esme entry in smsc->esme_list 05/18/2018 12:04 AM
3426 OsmoSGSN Bug Resolved Normal gprs_llc_process_xid_ind() does not echo L3_PAR, breaks PDP activation for Motorola KRZR keith 10/20/2020 07:20 AM
3461 OsmoMSC Bug Resolved Low LCR cannot connect to the MNCC socket keith 08/13/2018 12:08 PM
3472 OsmoPCU Bug Closed Normal GPRS connection is in a state where pdp-context is active, but data TX cannot initiate from Network side. keith 09/03/2020 11:48 AM Related to #1526, Related to #2455, Related to #2400
3499 OsmoPCU Bug Resolved Normal pcu is logging "Allocating DL TBF: MS_CLASS=0/0" ; TLV parsing code commented? pespin 03/23/2020 06:55 PM Related to #1525
3518 osmo-sip-connector Bug In Progress Normal Rapid SETUP followed DISC results in lingering B-leg keith 04/24/2019 08:39 AM
3650 OsmoMSC Bug Closed Normal MSC is not sending a payload_type to MNCC? dexter 10/04/2019 08:49 AM Related to #3724, Related to #1683
3651 OsmoHLR Bug Resolved High SS request results in lingering lchan fixeria 11/27/2018 11:06 PM Related to #3655
3746 OsmoBTS Bug Closed Normal Sending RTP stream with unconfigured AMR mode crashes OS sysmocom 06/19/2019 08:32 AM Related to #4002
3763 osmo-sip-connector Bug New Normal Implement correct handling for call answered elsewhere 01/22/2019 01:03 PM
3952 OsmoSGSN Bug Resolved Normal MSGB_ABORT in msgb_l3trim called from gprs_llc_rcvmsg() laforge 05/01/2019 01:34 PM
3956 OsmoSGSN Bug Resolved Normal SIGSEGV in rate_ctr_group_free() pespin 08/27/2019 06:04 PM
3957 OsmoSGSN Bug Feedback Normal ABORT from gprs_sndcp_comp_free() keith 11/21/2019 04:53 PM Related to #3964, Related to #4245
3964 OsmoSGSN Bug New Normal SIGSEGV in sndcp_sm_deactivate_ind() 10/10/2019 07:11 PM Related to #3957, Related to #4221, Related to #4602
4061 OsmoBTS Bug Closed High Prolonged remaining in state with RSL link gone, OML link open Hoernchen 07/05/2019 01:45 PM
4154 OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Bug Feedback Normal Duplicated PDP context entries keith 09/02/2019 10:58 AM Related to #4161, Related to #4165
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