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osmo-pcu: Poll and SBA allocation improvements and fixes

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Current implementations are quite basic and as far as i can tell prone to errors and sometimes unable to schedule CTRL polling on TBFs (RRBP) or SBAs (RACH).

  • SBA blocks allocated (reserved) are stored in SBAController class under gprs_rlcmac_bts object [bts_sba(bts)]. It sets the SBA block on FN + "AGCH_START_OFFSET=52" (also theoretically linked to timer X2002).
  • SBAController doesn't seem to have into account that a TBF may have already reserved that FN when allocating a SBA (hence either there may be a collision at that time).
  • Current allocation of TBF polls consist on always allocating poll on RRBP as FN+13. This has the advantage that there's no need to check for collisions between different TBFs on a given PDCH, since on a given FN only a TBF is selected/executed and hence only that one can even reserve FN+13 (because the +13 is fixed offset). However, it may happen sometimes that a TBF tries to allocate FN+13 (tbf->check_polling()/set_polling()), but that FNa+13 is already taken by a previous SBA which allocated it to FNb+52 such that FNb=FNa-52+13, and hence the TBF fails to allocate a poll for that CTRL message, which in the end it means it ends up failing to construct the CTRL message and the scheduler ends up sending a RLCMAC Dummy Block instead.
  • Since that can happen, the tbf->check_polling() should try harder finding a poll FN by trying other RRBP values than FN+13.
  • TBF class implementation of polling seems to only support 1 active poll at a time. That means, If for instance scheduler selects the same TBF at let's say FNa=10 and immediatelly afeter at FNb=10+4=14, If both where to request poll allocation, it would fail in tbf->check_polling() due to "poll_state != GPRS_RLCMAC_POLL_NONE" being hit. That's basically because the TBF class stores the active poll FN in class attribute "tbf->poll_fn/ts". So ideally there should be some sort of linkedlist or circular buffer or whatever supporting several active pollings. This becomes more important at the time we start using bigger values for RRBP, where the "poll active" state can be there for longer periods and hence probability to hti this issue increments.

Related specs:
3GPP TS 44.060 "10.4.5 Relative Reserved Block Period (RRBP) field"

Related issues

Related to OsmoPCU - Bug #5033: N3101 potentially being updated only during RBBP poll but not during USF pollNew02/17/2021


#1 Updated by pespin 18 days ago

The last point (TBF only supporting 1 active poll FN) is worse than expected, because PollController seems to be timing out non-acked polls for a larger period of time than the FN+13 one:

void bts_set_current_frame_number(struct gprs_rlcmac_bts *bts, int fn)
    /* The UL frame numbers lag 3 behind the DL frames and the data
     * indication is only sent after all 4 frames of the block have been
     * received. Sometimes there is an idle frame between the end of one
     * and start of another frame (every 3 blocks).  So the timeout should
     * definitely be there if we're more than 8 frames past poll_fn. Let's
     * stay on the safe side and say 13 or more. An additional delay can
     * happen due to the block processing time in the DSP, so the delay of
     * decoded blocks relative to the timing clock can be much larger.
     * Values up to 50 frames have been observed under load. */
    const static int max_delay = 60;

    bts->cur_fn = fn;
    bts->pollController->expireTimedout(bts->cur_fn, max_delay);

For the ACKed one's is fine, since gprs_rlcmac_pdch::rcv_control_ack() calls:


#2 Updated by pespin 12 days ago

  • Related to Bug #5033: N3101 potentially being updated only during RBBP poll but not during USF poll added

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