Bug #4599

counter group sgsn:pdpctx already exists for index X, instead using Y

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When using OsmoSGSN (current nightly) in a setup with 3rd party 2G BSS and 3G RAN, we are running quite often into the following error message:

<0020> rate_ctr.c:224 counter group 'sgsn:pdpctx' already exists for index 5, instead using index 8. This is a software bug that needs fixing.

I wonder how this happens. It basically means we want to allocate a PDP context for the same NSAPI where we already have a PDP context.

The only path that calls sgsn_pdp_ctx_alloc() is sgsn_create_pdp_ctx() via activate_ggsn() originating from do_act_pdp_req() and the latter actually chekcs if we already have a PDP context fro the NSAPI in sgsn_pdp_ctx_by_nsapi. weird.

lynxis any ideas?

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This is a problem of the SGSN code and how it allocates rate counter groups.

The problem here is, that the sgsn tries to allocate a new rate counter for "sgsn:pdpctx" and use as identifier the nsapi. But the nsapi is only unique within a single MS. The rate counter expects this identifier to be unique across the SGSN.

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Ok, so the rate counter group allocations should not simply use the NSAPI but some kind of number that is globally unique.

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