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Support EGPRS RLC/MAC blocks in ttcn3

Added by pespin 9 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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Most of the required information can be found in 3GPP TS 44.060:

First of all, EGPRS Data Ul/Dl block structures and encode/decode functions are missing in library/RLCMAC_Types.ttcn. Check "10.3a EGPRS RLC data blocks and RLC/MAC headers" for that.

Different MCS values have different header structure in those blocks, so we probably need to have different encode/decode functions based on data length, and then have a union to be able to pass them together?

It seems there's also a MCS-0 Control Dl block header, which at least I think it's not needed for now but we need to check what's that used for.

We also need to implement the missing CSN1 Control messages related to EGPRS, using L/H features which afaiu are not available since we use titan 6.6.1.

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#1 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

  • Related to Feature #4488: have uplink/downlink tests for all CS/MCS added

#2 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

  • Related to Feature #4286: Support configuration using 8PSK on dowlink while staying GMSK-only on uplink added

#3 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

  • Related to Bug #4338: Add EGPRS tests toTTCN3 PCU_Tests_RAW added

#4 Updated by laforge 9 months ago

On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 08:02:29PM +0000, pespin [REDMINE] wrote:

We also need to implement the missing CSN1 Control messages related to EGPRS, using L/H features which afaiu are not available since we use titan 6.6.1.

6.6.1 is the latest release, and according to the git history it contains both
231012acb95c68cba7e029eb6901ac76216dcd5b and 0a4bb8b6f32bdfba76767b778fe7b1a758462181
i.e. the L/H annotation for the RAW codec support.

#5 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

Sorry, it was late yesterday when I wrote it, I meant to write "using L/H features which afaiu are available since we use titan 6.6.1."

#6 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

  • Description updated (diff)

#7 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

I started adding EGPRS Dl Data block decoding to our C++ decoder in library/ which is already handling GPRS ones. WIP in pespin/pcu-cap-egprs. So from TTCN3 point of view it looks like:

+       /* TS 44.060 10.3a.1.1 EGPRS downlink RLC data block, manual c++ encoder/decoder */
+       type record EgprsDlMacDataHeader {
+               uint2_t         header_type, /* Set internally by decoder */
+               uint5_t         tfi,
+               MacRrbp         rrbp,
+               BIT2            esp,
+               uint3_t         usf,
+               uint14_t        bsn1,
+               uint8_t         bsn2_offset,
+               uint2_t         pr, /* power reduction */
+               uint2_t         spb,
+               uint4_t         cps,
+               BIT8            spare1,
+               BIT8            spare2,
+               BIT8            spare3,
+               BIT1            fbi,
+               boolean         e
+       } with {
+               variant (e) "FIELDLENGTH(1)" 
+       };
+       /* Manual C++ Decoder: */
+       type record RlcmacDlEgprsDataBlock {
+               EgprsDlMacDataHeader    mac_hdr,
+               EgprsLlcBlocks          blocks
+       } with {
+               variant "" 
+       };
        /* TS 44.060 10.2.2 */
        type record UlMacDataHeader {
                /* Octet 0 */
@@ -301,11 +351,16 @@ module RLCMAC_Types {

        type union RlcmacDlBlock {
                RlcmacDlDataBlock       data,
+               RlcmacDlEgprsDataBlock  data_egprs,
                RlcmacDlCtrlBlock       ctrl
        } with {
                variant "TAG(data, mac_hdr.mac_hdr.payload_type = MAC_PT_RLC_DATA;
-                            ctrl, mac_hdr.payload_type = MAC_PT_RLCMAC_NO_OPT;
-                            ctrl, mac_hdr.payload_type = MAC_PT_RLCMAC_OPT)" 
+                            ctrl, {mac_hdr.payload_type = MAC_PT_RLCMAC_NO_OPT,
+                                   mac_hdr.payload_type = MAC_PT_RLCMAC_OPT};
+                            data_egprs, {mac_hdr.header_type = 1,
+                                         mac_hdr.header_type = 2,
+                                         mac_hdr.header_type = 3}
+                            )" 

I'll probably need to add a MCS value to data_egprs_mac_hdr.mcs to be able to known how to encode it into proper mcs (and its header type).

Some stuff it's still not working on the decoding side but TTCn3 test is already tagging it as data_egprs when using the generic RlcMacDlData decode function:

{ data_egprs := { mac_hdr := { header_type := 3, tfi := 0, rrbp := RRBP_Nplus13_mod_2715648 (0), esp := '10'B, usf := 7, bsn1 := 0, bsn2_offset := 0, pr := 0, spb := 0, cps := 11, spare1 := '0'B, spare2 := <unbound>, spare3 := <unbound>, fbi := '1'B, e := false }, blocks := { { hdr := { length_ind := 3, more := true, e := true }, payload := '000016'O } } } } 

#8 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

Initial support to decode EGPRS data block with header type 3 (MCS1,2,3,4) merged in osmo-ttcn3-hacks:

commit 372af7a116a961fcf7008a9f8e00ad0e81a809ae
Author: Pau Espin Pedrol <>
Date:   Mon Apr 27 17:32:01 2020 +0200

    library/RLCMAC: Add partial support for EGPRS data block encoding/decoding

    * RlcmacUlBlock and RlcmacDlBlock gain a new union field "egprs_data",
      which is chosen when msg contains an egprs data block. Hence one can
      use same structure for both gprs/egprs data and simply check
      "ischosen(block.data_egprs)" to know whether it contains egprs or gprs
      data block.
    * C++ code in takes care of encoding and decoding of
      each data header type and exposes a generic ttcn3 struct
      "UlMacDataHeader" and "DlMacDataHeader". Decoded header type can be
      found in mac_hdr.header_type. This can be used t5ogether with CPS to
      get the MCS of the message received. Similarly, the encoder will use the
      same field to know how to encode the ttcn3 structure.
    * In order of functions has been ordered to split
      between encoding and decoding, and inside these split between Ul and
      Dl messages.
    * Only encoding of UL HeaderType3 and decoding of Dl HeaderType3 is
      implemented so far in However, all code is already
      arranged and functions prepared (with FIXME fprintf) to easily add the
      missing header types once needed.
    * Actually only the decoding of DL HeaderType3 has been tested to work so far.
      Encoding may still be missing to octet-align the data block after the header.
      All these wil lbe fixed once a test using them exists.

    Change-Id: I2bc4f877a5e17c57ffa8cf05565dc8593b45aae8

#9 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

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  • % Done changed from 0 to 40

#10 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

I added a bunch more fixes, improvements and new enc/dec support in RLCMAC_EncDec.cpp:

remote: cosmetic: fix typos in comments
remote: dec_RlcmacUl(Egprs)DataBlock: fix tlli and pfi uninitialize...
remote: Fix wrong descriptors passed to RAW encoder
remote: Fix encoding of tfi and rsb fields in Egprs Ul HdeaderType3
remote: Use copied structure as other parts of the function
remote: Support decoding Egprs Ul Data HeaderType2
remote: RLCMAC_Templates: Add functions to convert HeaderType<->MCS<->CPS

I'm still keeping some stuff in my branch pespin/egprs-encdec a selftest to encode+decode Ul data blocks (and send it to PCU so they can be cross-checked with Wireshark dissector).

As of current master, encoding is not working correctly because data block is not "unaligned" against the rlcmac block. I have some improvements regarding that issue in my branch, but I'm still facing issues with the resulting data block not being the same after de-coding again (both in wireshark and ttcn3 egprs decoder show same payload, but it's not the same that was initially encoded).

#11 Updated by pespin about 2 months ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Resolved
  • % Done changed from 40 to 100

EGPRS data blocks are in general supported nowadays in TTCN3, so marking ticket as solved and I'll open specific tickets if specifics bits are to be fixed/implemented.

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