Bug #4368

VLR timers T3250, T3260, and 3270 are not configurable and always set to 0

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Being tired of seeing multiple FIXME / TODO comments stating that we should move T3212 from struct gsm_network to struct vlr_instance, I found a nice potential place:

/* An instance of the VLR codebase */
struct vlr_instance {
    struct llist_head subscribers;
    struct llist_head operations;
    struct gsup_client_mux *gcm;
    struct vlr_ops ops;
    struct osmo_timer_list lu_expire_timer;
    struct {
        bool retrieve_imeisv_early;
        bool retrieve_imeisv_ciphered;
        bool assign_tmsi;
        bool check_imei_rqd;
        int auth_tuple_max_reuse_count;
        bool auth_reuse_old_sets_on_error;
        bool parq_retrieve_imsi;
        bool is_ps;
        uint32_t timer[_NUM_VLR_TIMERS];  // <----- here?
    } cfg;
    /* A free-form pointer for use by the caller */
    void *user_ctx;

where we already have the following timers:

enum vlr_timer {

However, as far as I can see, neither they are properly initialized (talloc_zero() sets them all to 0), nor there is a way to configure them. The only related API I could find is vlr_timer(), which takes a timer number and returns its value. This function looks quite odd and meaningless, why not just use the enum and access timers directly, like vlr->cfg.timer[VLR_T_3250]?

I started osmo-msc in gdb, and checked the memory contents at run-time:

(gdb) p ((struct vlr_instance *) 0x613000000ea0)->cfg.timer
$1 = {0, 0, 0}

But wait, we're actively using these timers in various FSM definitions of libvlr:

/* This macros is here just for the reference */
#define osmo_fsm_inst_state_chg(fi, new_state, timeout_secs, T) ...

osmo_fsm_inst_state_chg(fi, VLR_ST_TUWAT, vlr_timer(vsub->vlr, 3260), 3260);

therefore the state timeouts are always inactive. I believe it makes sense to start using osmo_tdef...


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Please see: VTY: add osmo_tdef introspection and configuration commands libvlr: use generic osmo_tdef API for T3250, T3260, and T3270

I also discovered a similar problem related to the MGW timers: osmo-msc: fix: properly initialize default values for MGW timers

Looking forward to your CR!

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All related changes have been merged.

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