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OsmoMSC documentation clarification

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We have received the following questions privately from a user, please try to clarify the wording to be more clear:

Does "CAUSE_MT_MEM_EXCEEDED errors of MS responses on a sms deliver
attempt." Mean the number of errors received above the threshold? Or a
flag to say it reached the threshold? It's not clear.


Also, in table 2: is "Other error of MS responses on a smsdelive
attempt." A count or a flag to say one was received?

neels, fixeria: feel free to steal the ticket if you think you can resolve it more quickly. Thanks!


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#2 Updated by fixeria 11 months ago

As far as I can see from the code, both are the rate counters, and both indicate total amount of failed MT SMS delivery attempts. I have no idea what kind of 'thresholds' the user is asking about though.

Here is my proposal:

  • { "sms:rp_err_mem", "Failed MT SMS delivery attempts (no memory)." },
  • { "sms:rp_err_other", "Failed MT SMS delivery attempts (other reason)." }.

Let me know if this looks cleaner, so I will send a patch to Gerrit.

P.S. Looking at the other counters and their description, I noticed that we don't have a common format. Some lines start with "Count total amount", "Counts SMS" or "Number of". Such a mess! I believe we need to rephrase them too.

#3 Updated by fixeria 11 months ago

In general, a counter description should be written in a way to answer a single question: rate/count of what? So only the what should be in description. Otherwise it's redundant.

  • BAD: [rate/count of] "Counts SMS which couldn't routed because no receiver found.",
  • BAD: [rate/count of] "Number of CIPHER MODE COMPLETE messages processed by BSSMAP layer.",
  • GOOD: [rate/count of] "Successful location updates.",
  • GOOD: [rate/count of] "Global SMS Deliver attempts.".

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Please see: counters: clarify documentation for some MSC_CTR_SMS_* entries.

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