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I was wondering how to create an endpoint in the MGW vty interface. I cannot send packets right now because there is no endpoint. I have set up trunks, but I cannot find any information about endpoints. If anyone could point in the right direction, that would be great!

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Hi, number of endpoints is configured by following VTY cmd:

 number endpoints 64

Where 64 is the number of endpoints your MGW will manage. I don't think you can change that number at runtime, since the endpoint array is allocated during startup as far as I know.

The default config is to handle 32 endpoints ("number endpoints 32").

Please, provide more information on your setup and what do you seek in order to help you more.

You can find more information here:

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Thank you for the reply. I have several Osmocom components, including the HNBGW, STP, MSC, SGSN, HLR, MGW, SIP Connector, and GGSN connected in a 3G network. I have attached the diagram I used to select and configure the components. I have gotten all of these to compile and run, but I am currently looking for a way to test the network without the use of a femto cell.

I read the manuals you linked (Thank you!) but I am still getting some errors when trying to send a UDP packet through the network.

This is the command I'm running to send a packet to the MGW (The first component I'm trying to test): 'echo "test1 1@mgw" > /dev/udp/

And here are the errors I'm getting:
DLMGCP NOTICE Addressing virtual trunk without prefix (deprecated), please use rtpbridge/: '1@mgw' (mgcp_msg.c:279)
DLMGCP ERROR MGCP status line too short. (mgcp_msg.c:346)
DLMGCP NOTICE test1: failed to find the endpoint (mgcp_protocol.c:402)

I'm not sure why it's failing to find the endpoint. Maybe I need actual cell traffic to test, but I was hoping that I could get some correct response from a terminal command and to eventually use GNURadio to simulate cell traffic.

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On Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 03:18:27PM +0000, Osmocorn [REDMINE] wrote:

DLMGCP NOTICE Addressing virtual trunk without prefix (deprecated), please use rtpbridge/: '1@mgw' (mgcp_msg.c:279)

This error message is correct. The endpoint should be "rtpbridge/1@mgw",
not "1@mgw". Please re-try using that name in your tests, it should

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Thank you for the reply.

I was able to send a packet to the MGW! Now I want to try to send a packet through the entire Osmocom 3G network. I will do more research to understand UDP packets to make this happen.

Thanks again.

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