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Gb SNS implementation uses pre-configured IP/port even if it is not part of the SNS-CONFIG

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Section 6.2.1 of 3GPP TS 48.016 states:

A pre-configured endpoint shall not be used for NSE data or signalling traffic (with the exception of Size and Configuration procedures) unless it is configured by the SGSN using the auto-configuration procedures.

However, in the current SNS implementation, the initial IP/Port over which we perform the SNS-SIZE + SNS-CONFIG are treated as one of the normal NS-VCs. Specifically, we also perform the NS-ALIVE procedure on it, which is clearly wrong.


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Patch is now in review:

A test case has been developed in

The pcap file in the attachment shows success:

  • the initial connection to the SGSN (port 23000) is used for SNS procedures
  • the SNS-CONFIG negotiates only ports 23001 and 23002 shall be used
  • NS-ALIVE from PCU are seen to 23001 + 23002 but not to 23000
  • If the simulated SGSN should send anything (like an NS-ALIVE) from 23000 to the PCU, the PCU will reject it with NS-STATUS

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patches were merged months ago, just this ticket was not closed

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