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BSC: support for repeated scheduling of SMSCB messages

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So far, the only way to have a SMSCB message sent is to use the VTY to manually send a message to a specific BTS.

So the user needs to:
  • know exactly which BTS to sen the message via
  • repeat the comamnd or the commands to repeat the transmission of that message
What's missing is some kind of scheduler that would take care of
  • repeatedly re-broadcasting messages until some expiration time is reached
  • round-robin iterating over multiple messages
  • allow messages to have CID/LAC or network-wide scope and take care of sending it to all CBCH-enabled BTSs within that scope
  • properly prioritize emergency (ETWS/CMAS/...) messages

If this is implemented, it should be done with keeping TS 48.049 (CBSP) in mind. The capabilities required by CBSP should be supported to allow easy integration of CBSP.

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the bulk of the work on the scheduler has been implemented together with the CBSP protocol handing in the laforge/cbsp branch of osmo-bsc.git. It is currently untested, but should do the following things:
  • handling of WRITE_REPLACE, KILL and RESET procedures via CBSP from the CBC
  • building a scheduler data structure from the pages of the active SMSCB, taking into account their individual broadcast periods/intervals
  • removing SMSCB from the scheduler once the requested number of broadcasts has completed
  • providing a function to pull one SMSCB page from the scheduler
  • VTY configuration for the CBSP link
  • CBSP TCP client and server role

The scheduler runs separate for each BTS, and each BTS has separate scheduler instances for BASIC and EXTENDED CBCH

These parts are missing:
  • actually sending the 'pulled' SMSCB pages to the BTS for actual transmission
  • tests, tests, tests

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