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add a wiki page explaining interconnection between components across several machines

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The Osmocom Network In The Box wiki page explains running components on the same machine.
As soon as this is split up between several boxes, numerous config items become necessary to set bind-addresses and remote addresses.
Each user manual should explain this, but it would also be nice to have a common wiki page guiding through this process.


#1 Updated by neels over 2 years ago

Came up while I wrote this mail:

Apparently the 'cs7' config is wrong.

Looking at your PC1/osmo-bsc.cfg, you don't have a 'cs7' config at all. The
AoIP defaults only work when all components run on the same machine.

The 'msc' config at the bottom of the file is related to the legacy osmo-bsc
SCCPlite connection and does not affect the AoIP connection.

So, you need to tell the SS7 stack (a.k.a. 'cs7 instance') at least the STP's
IP address.

Trying to point you at it, I notice that the osmo-bsc manual lacks this
information :/   (opened )

The OsmoMSC manual has this information, and it is mostly identical between
osmo-bsc and osmo-msc; see
section 'Running OsmoMSC' / 'Configure primary links' / 'Configure SCCP/M3UA to
accept A and IuCS links'

(Easiest is to use the default point-codes; otherwise osmo-bsc.cfg also needs
an address book entry under 'cs7', and pass this name to 'msc 0' / 'msc-addr'.
point codes are logged on startup).

You can also view the default cs7 instance config: start up your current
osmo-bsc, connect via telnet vty:
  telnet localhost 4242
and do

  OsmoBSC> enable
  OsmoBSC# show running-config

then look for the 'cs7 instance' section.

I think osmo-stp by default listens on all interfaces, otherwise you also need
to tell the osmo-stp.cfg to listen on a public IP address.

  cs7 instance 0
   listen m3ua 2905

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