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Allow sending "Emergency Number List IE" in LU ACCEPT

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TS 24.008 allows a list of emergency numbers sent alongside with the LU ACCEPT. Specifically see Section

 The network may also send a list of local emergency numbers in the LOCATION UPDATING ACCEPT, by including
the Emergency Number List IE. The mobile equipment shall store the list, as provided by the network, except that any
emergency number that is already stored in the SIM/USIM shall be removed from the list before it is stored by the
mobile equipment. If there are no emergency numbers stored on the SIM/USIM, then before storing the received list the
mobile equipment shall remove from it any emergency number stored permanently in the ME for use in this case (see
3GPP TS 22.101 [8]). The list stored in the mobile equipment shall be replaced on each receipt of a new Emergency
Number List IE.

 The emergency number(s) received in the Emergency Number List IE are valid only in networks with the same MCC as
in the cell on which this IE is received. If no list is contained in the LOCATION UPDATING ACCEPT message, then
the stored list in the mobile equipment shall be kept, except if the mobile equipment has successfully registered to a
PLMN with an MCC different from that of the last registered PLMN.
The mobile equipment shall use the stored list of emergency numbers received from the network in addition to the
emergency numbers stored on the SIM/USIM or ME to detect that the number dialled is an emergency number.

 NOTE 2: The mobile equipment may use the emergency numbers list to assist the end user in determining whether
the dialled number is intended for an emergency service or for another destination, e.g. a local directory
service. The possible interactions with the end user are implementation specific.

 The list of emergency numbers shall be deleted at switch off and removal of the SIM/USIM. The mobile equipment
shall be able to store up to ten local emergency numbers received from the network.

As this IE is also permitted by the SGSN, we should have the related encoder function in libosmogsm so it can be shared between MSC and SGSN.

The IE format itself is defined in Section


  • Encoder function for the new IE + unit test in libosmocore
  • VTY configuration for related data
  • send the IE based on VTY configuration during LU ACCEPT
  • TTCN-3 integration test verifying the IE

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