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install LimeSDR-USB in 1U enclosure to production setup

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Some months ago we have built a 1U enclosed version for the osmo-gsm-tester setup at sysmocom. This unit for some reason has not yet been installed to the actual setup. I don't know why. Please add it soon, and hand this ticket over to pespin so he starts to use it from the tests.


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i think the reasoning was that pespin wanted to get lime working locally (notebook) first.

i mounted the unit in the tester now.

rfport 1 is connected to the tester, 2 is unconnected.
port1 is tx1_1 and rx1_w
port2 is tx2_1 and rx2_w

since we do only have one 10mhz source in the tester i added a zapd20 splitter in the 10mhz line going to the b200 and using the second port for the lime.

i checked the clock-out of the b200 before, but i seemed completely inactive, thus the splitter. checking the attenuation i think it should be fine (still >3V rect. against 50ohm)

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