Bug #3383

libosmo-sigtran performs blocking connect() for M3UA

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When trying to establish a connection from OsmoBSC to a MSC, and the MSC/STP doesn't either
a) actively refuse the connection (port unreachable or the like), or
b) accept the connection

We are blocking the entire BSC process, so no vty or Abis processing is happening.

it basically looks like this in strace:

bind(8, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(30003), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 16) = 0
connect(8, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(30003), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 16^Cstrace: Process 56640 detached
 <detached ...>


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libosmo-sigtran is using osmo_stream_cli* API of libosmo-netif in order to perform the client side connection to an STP.

In the end, osmo_stream_cli_open2 is called, which will
  • first call osmo_sock_init2(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, ... OSMO_SOCK_F_CONNECT|OSMO_SOCK_F_BIND)
  • later (if cli->flags & OSMO_STREAM_CLI_F_NODELAY) setsockopt_nodelay()

At no point we seem to be setting FIONBIO / non-blocking on that socket. libosmocore can do this if OSMO_SOCK_F_NONBLOCK is set - which libosmo-netif doesn't do.

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I just did a quick test using LD_PRELOAD of the modified libosmo-netif, and indeed the OsmoBSC is now using non-blcoking connect. After about 5 minutes, the non-blocking connect fails and the re-connect logic of libosmo-netif kicks in. looks good so far.

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patch merged

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