Feature #3336

osmo-bsc-nat: Add command to show current status of a given BSC (or list of them)

Added by pespin 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Show whether it is connected or not, whether it is authenticated, and parameters of the BSC like the jitterbuffer min max values used.


#1 Updated by pespin 6 months ago

It seems we already have some minimal support for this kind of stuff in sh bsc config:

OsmoBSCNAT# sh bsc config
BSC token: 'foo' nr: 0
 paging forbidden: 0
 description: whatever
BSC token: 'bar' nr: 1
 access-list: acceptwhatever
 paging forbidden: 0
 description: some-description

It would be nice to see if we can print this only for 1 specific bsc, inside its own subnode (eg. bsc 1), or by passing a the Nr as a parameter: sh bsc config N

Then we'd need to add at least state of jitterbuffer, connection status, etc.

#2 Updated by pespin 6 months ago

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A new command superseding old ones has been added in

show bsc status all: will show all configured bsc status and statistics
show bsc status nr 0: will show status and statistics for bsc nr 0 (if found).
show bsc status token abcd: will show status and statistics for bsc with token abcd (if found).
show bsc status lac 1234: will show status and statistics for bsc with handling LAC 1234 (if found).

#3 Updated by pespin 5 months ago

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Merged, closing.

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