Bug #3179

mgw-nat TTCN-3 tests not yet executed automatically

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Daniel + I developed some tets for mgw-nat in January. Those tests are partially related to the new "multiple MSC" feature of osmo-bsc_nat, but it should be easy to split the tests into "single MSC" and "multi MSC" tests.

The tests should be dockerized and executed in the same fashion as we execute the other ttcn3 tests from once every 24h.

Please start by talking to daniel about the status of those tests, and whether you should use master or some branch in osmo-ttcn3-hacks, whether that branch should be reviewed/merged/...


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Assigning to Daniel so he can write here a brief description on the status of the different pieces as well as some links/pointer to the related code and tests.

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Working on this now. I already fixed some issues due to bit rot.

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bscnat tests for docker are in

The tests themselves still fail with a strange "Decoding of integer value failed" error. I have asked for help on the Eclipse Titan forums and will link to the thread once it passes through moderator approval.

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