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idea: reduce confusion by renaming aud2G and aud3G to gsm and umts?

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Looking at it is clear that any newcomer would assume that the 2G RAN lacks milenage support.
It is hard to grasp that the aud3g tokens are actually happily available for a GERAN network.

  subscriber (imsi|msisdn|id) IDENT update aud2g (comp128v1|comp128v2|comp128v3|xor) ki KI
  subscriber (imsi|msisdn|id) IDENT update aud3g milenage k K (op|opc) OP_C [ind-bitlen] [<0-28>]

We want to a) aggressively document the fact that "aud3g" is also used on 2G and maybe also
b) despite the effort, go for renaming of the vty commands and possibly the internal data structures, using "gsm" and "umts" instead of "2G" and "3G".

I'm not sure if renaming would really make it clear, because it seems usually UMTS is used synonymous to 3G despite it being available on 2G.
What's the opinion on this?

Definitely we need a): aggressively document that we support full milenage on 2G and how it works.


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I think the most important part is to properly explain it in the user manual. Is that the case?

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The HLR VTY doc already say "aud3g Set UMTS authentication data (3G, and 2G with UMTS AKA)"

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