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STP: Allow VTY configuration of M3UA ASP side

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If we wanted to interconnect multiple osmo-stp (or even with other signalling gateways), we would need a way to use the ASP-side implementation of libosmo-sigtran from the VTY of OsmoSTP. This is currently not possible, but all related code should be there.

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Related to libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran - Bug #2351: unify sccp instance configurationClosed07/06/2017


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I think this has long been resolved? We are using M3UA in ASP mode from osmo-bsc and osmo-msc. Please confirm.

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I am not sure. We never tried it or even thought about it. When I get it correct, this would be a configuration where e.g. two OsmoSTP are connecting to each other. This means that one of them must take the client role. The topology could be something like this:

osmo-bsc (ASP) <------> (STP) OsmoSTP (ASP) <------> (STP) OsmoSTP (STP) <------> (ASP) osmo-msc

I think this is something we have to test in order to be sure that it really works.

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The M3UA protocol defines various roles of M3UA endpoints: SGW, ASP and IPSP.

osmo-stp currently implements only the SGW (Signaling Gateway) role, allowing external M3UA entities in ASP role to connect to it. It does not permit the SGW to operate in ASP role to connect to external SGWs

The implementation of this feature will include
  1. Extension of the VTY interface to operate the osmo-stp send of the M3UA link in ASP mode
  2. Extension of the osmo-stp internal implementation to behave accordingly
  3. Implementation of automatic test cases in TTCN-3

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