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VLR / 3G: periodic LU expiry by T3212

Added by neels about 1 year ago. Updated 26 days ago.

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pre-VLR code had T3212 subscriber expiry if it missed a periodic LU.
libvlr has stubs ready, but it is not yet enforced nor fully implemented.
Add T3212 expiry with an msc_vlr_test_periodic_lu unit test (using fake time).

Related issues

Related to OsmoNITB - Support #1922: comprehensive test of MSC subscriber connection and request handling Closed 01/18/2017


#1 Updated by neels about 1 year ago

  • Related to Support #1922: comprehensive test of MSC subscriber connection and request handling added

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#3 Updated by laforge 5 months ago

  • Project changed from OpenBSC to OsmoMSC

#4 Updated by laforge 2 months ago

  • Assignee changed from neels to stsp

#5 Updated by neels about 2 months ago

@stsp, ask me for pointers to get you started

#6 Updated by neels 26 days ago

Some pointers and related things to balance out in a nice (TM) implementation:

  • We so far don't, but we should have a mechanism to cache unused auth tuples for a subscriber even past IMSI Detach.
    (An idea to optimise lookups and iterate less subscribers for <insert action here> would be to keep inactive subscribers for which we merely cache auth tuples in a separate llist.)
  • TS 23.012 2.4.2 "Implicit IMSI detach" describes periodic location updating timer
  • TS 23.012 3.7.3 Extended periodic LAU Signalling (the possibility to send extended timers during Location Updating Accept)
  • TS 23.012 "Process Detach_IMSI_VLR"
  • Are we required to notify the HLR of an IMSI Detach? (not sure, so far we don't)

#7 Updated by neels 26 days ago

might be interesting as well:

  • 23.018 8.3 Messages on the D interface (VLR-HLR)
  • 24.008 4.3.4 IMSI detach procedure

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